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3 Sep

Since I’ve been struggling with allergies, my mom was kind enough to pick some of the tomatoes out of my garden for me on Friday.  She’s also been picking them for her and to give away.

I slept all day Saturday, but I managed to get up and do stuff today.  I canned twelve pints of tomatoes and sixteen and a half pints of salsa.

I put a mask on and went to see what the garden looked like.  It doesn’t look like anybody has picked a tomato out of there.

I’m guessing I won’t miss however many Sky steals.

Not that I’m encouraging his theft.

Canning and Candles

29 Aug

I started my morning canning tomatoes.  It began with salsa.


It ended with 7 1/2 pints of tomatoes, 8 1/2 pints of salsa, and 12 pints and 3 quarts of juice.


This afternoon, I tried another new fragrance for candles.  This one is called harvest moon.  I think it smells like those red hot candies, the spicy cinnamon.


By the end of the evening, I had two chunk candles (one is still cooling in the mold), six votives, two containers with soy candles, and three wax melts.

I keep making chunk candles because everyone seems to like them.  These are the lavendar ones and the new harvest moon in front.  The back is Kentish rain and two vanilla oak.

Chunk Candles_5890ew

I don’t think I had shared them before.  I’m still contemplating doing a couple more soy container candles this evening, but I might just go sit on the couch.

All About that Tomato

23 Aug

Yep.  Today was a canning day.  I got eight pints of salsa and eleven pints of plain tomatoes.  Hopefully the whole cupboard full that I have ripening will wait until Wednesday for me to do something with them.


I work late tomorrow for freshman orientation, and Tuesday I have to go to the courthouse for the meeting to see whether or not I am granted the special use permit for my pumpkin patch in October.  Hopefully, I find time to take a picture of something and do a blog post.