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Garden and Canning

25 Aug

After the storm hit and mom went to the hospital, I really just wanted thing to be normal.  I’m not sure I remember what normal is anymore, but I decided I was going to can the tomatoes that were getting really ripe on my counter.

Even though I didn’t have hot water, I figured I could can some cold pack tomatoes.

I also went to the garden to see if any Habanero peppers were ready.  They were!

I checked the rest of the garden.  Lots of walnut limbs all throughout the garden.  The worst of the damage was to my bell peppers.  The plants were just finally started to look good and get some peppers with the cooler weather.

Now I’m not sure I’ll get any.  The luffa gourds also took a hit.  I don’t know if the will finish or if they will rot.

Anyhow, I picked more tomatoes.

Then I canned another batch of salsa for my son.

salsa for my son

I decided to just keep canning.  It seemed normal.  I did another four quarts of cold pack tomatoes.  Then I decided to do a vegetable soup.

All the vegetables except the celery came from my garden.

It made the whole house smell amazing!

Since I had dug one hill of potatoes for the soup and got such nice ones, I decided to dig three more hills.  I tried a base of cream of potato soup with them.

I did have one jar that didn’t seal, so I had to try it out.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Then I switched back to tomatoes.

I did two more batches of roasted tomato sauce.

From Wednesday through Sunday I canned almost constantly.  It kept me busy enough that I could almost pretend things were normal.

In a Routine

10 Aug

We certainly seem to have hit a routine for this late summer.

Pluto and Popcorn

After milking, I spend the rest of the day making cheese or canning.

time to grate cheese, make cheese, and put some fruit in the yogurt

onions to chop and freeze for winter’s use

salsa for my son

The goats go out to pasture pretty early and stay there until late in the evening.

Gill, Tilly, Sidney, Kate, and Edith

Dolly (and Sidney in front)

Of course, I do step out to give the chickens my left-over veggies.

My four milking does come up to get milked and go right back out.

Cutie and Ava coming up (might be Pistol behind)

I did just recently switch to only milking Cinnamon in the evening because she really doesn’t have enough to mess with, but she is my old lady.  She deserves to at least come in once a day for a while.


Then it’s time to finish up chores and we all are ready to hit the roost.

peacock on the roost

After a good night’s sleep, it’s time to do it all again!


3 Sep

Since I’ve been struggling with allergies, my mom was kind enough to pick some of the tomatoes out of my garden for me on Friday.  She’s also been picking them for her and to give away.

I slept all day Saturday, but I managed to get up and do stuff today.  I canned twelve pints of tomatoes and sixteen and a half pints of salsa.

I put a mask on and went to see what the garden looked like.  It doesn’t look like anybody has picked a tomato out of there.

I’m guessing I won’t miss however many Sky steals.

Not that I’m encouraging his theft.