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Having a Hay Day

2 Jul

Yesterday was our rain make-up day for baling hay.  Brandon came on Sunday and raked everything, including what Jeremy had already raked.

raking hay

I was amazed at how good the hay looked, but we only had a tenth of an inch of rain total, and it was spread throughout the day, so the hay wasn’t hurt by it.

hay in windrows

We had lots of help, and we baled most of the afternoon.

baling hay

baling hay

hayrack full of hay

We filled my barn completely with small square bales that will feed the goats all winter.  I even had a few left that we had to store elsewhere.  I have 770 bales of hay.

boy and cat in hay

cat in hay

sitting in the hay

cat in hay

hay in the barn

There was still tons of hay out there, so we called someone in to bale it into round bales.  Believe it or not, I was actually helping stack hay, so I didn’t get any pictures of the round bales being made.

round bales

It made thirty bales.  I kept some for my cows for the winter, but the rest will get sold.

tractor and round bale

moving round bales

Jeremy has already started bringing them up from the pasture so the animals don’t try to taste test them all.

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Cute Calf

6 Jun

Even though I’ve been very focused on the goats lately, I haven’t forgotten my other animals.  Just the other day, I hiked out to the top of the big hill in the Back Forty just to see my cute calf, Norma Jean.

She was being naughty eating the big round bales.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t just her.  Maxine and MJ were snacking also.  I’d guess they were being a bad influence on her.  I warned them it was that much less they’d have to eat this winter when they didn’t have a nice lush pasture either.

As soon as I got closer, Norma Jean hid behind her mom.

Even though we helped her to nurse for the first few days of her life, she is now afraid of humans.😦  She just hides and stares or runs away from me.

Maybe when she wants to try a taste of corn this fall, she’ll decide I’m not so bad.  Before I made her even more fearful, I turned and walked back towards the house.  It didn’t take them long to ignore my warning of a lean winter and go back to snacking on the bale.

Luckily, my nephew came and took the bales out the next day.  Now they won’t have to starve this winter.

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The Second Round Bale is Gone

23 Apr

The goats have been working hard on eating that second round bale.  We’ve had rain several days this past week, so they weren’t quite as happy with the bale, and I didn’t do quite as good a job of tightening the panel around the bale with the soggy hay at the bottom.

I kind of left a gap at the bottom that some goats seemed to think was put there for their convenience.

It started with the small goats.

Then it was the big goats.  One at first.

Then there were two.

Minnie wasn’t very happy with them being in her way.

Finally, we had some of the biggest goats on the farm in there.  Helen seems to be quite happy to be eating all the hay she wants in the sunshine!

Nothing to do with the bale of hay, but does Litha look huge?  She’s not due until mid-June.  Triplets?

Back to the round bale.  I finally gave up and took the panel off because it was getting crowded in there.

Some goats seemed to think that was an invitation to use it as a bed.  Flower really liked the panel being removed.  She was the undisputed queen of the hay pile.

Finally, they finished it off.

Jeremy brought me the third and final round bale tonight.  It’s not likely that the fence will be done by the time it’s gone, so my new Plan B is buying a haystack from my ex-brother-in-law.  I’m good as long as I have food to feed them.

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