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The Last Buckling

29 Sep

With selling the last of the kids I’m going to this year, that means Frodo was the last little buck running loose in the herd.

Rosie and Frodo

I really need my bucks away from the girls.

Hilda, Frodo and Rosie

And all of my moms need to be done feeding kids, even though Hilda isn’t look too bad right now.

Anyhow, I caught Frodo and put him up north with Lemuel.

Hilda thought she should get to go in there too.  Honestly, I’m guessing she just wanted the food he was eating.

Hopefully, Hilda won’t let Rosie nurse anymore, but even if she does, that’s one kid instead of two.

That will be a lot less stress for her.

Although, Frodo isn’t too happy with being weaned.

Leftovers Again

24 Sep

Wanda always knows how to pose for a perfect picture.

Wanda van de Yell

Another of Hilda feeding her kids.  I’m torn between weaning them and leaving them on their mom.  We’ll see.

Hilda with Rosie in front; Frodo in back

The morning after I had to put Cutie back up north because she and Ava and Caroline wouldn’t quit fighting, I tried letting her out again.  When the rest of the herd went out to pasture, I let her out to catch up to them.  I assume it went well.  They always fight less when they get put together out in pasture.  I don’t know why.

Cutie on the right when they headed back out after getting fed that night.

I was really surprised to see a hummingbird moth the other evening!

Sorry for the bad pictures; it was getting dark.

It was enjoying the night blooming flowers of the jimsonweed.

While we’re talking insects, it’s time for the monarch migration.  They are everywhere!  I’m glad to see they are having a good year.


A llama just for the fun of it.  I’d hate to leave them out, but they are spending a lot of time out in pasture right now.  I don’t get much time with them between that and work.


As the kids get weaned and sold, my moms go back to their adult companions.  For most it’s their mom.

Athena and Cinnamon

Bambi and Daisy

For others it’s other relatives or friends.

Onyx back to snuggle with her maa, Victoria; Flower gets along with them, and Coral is Victoria’s 3/4 sister.

Chiffon and Venus: sisters from another mother.

But everyone generally has someone to snuggle with or keep them company.

Who’s Staying?

18 Aug

As I’ve begun selling this year’s kids, I’ve had to think about who is staying.  It’s never easy.  I mentioned Ruby is leaving, but you might remember Flora was also on my list to sell.


Then I couldn’t decide. She is Popcorn’s only friend.


Maybe I should sell Trace instead, but I really think I have to see what an adorable baby she and Benji will make.


So, I am going to keep both of them.

Flora fighting with 2TC

The kids from this year are much easier to decide.  I am keeping Pretzel.


She and Frodo are going to give me the perfect kid.


But Frodo and Rosie are both staying.

Frodo and Rosie

I have a backup plan for the perfect kid.  Heaven forbid anything should happen to Pretzel or Frodo, I do have a backup plan.  That is Rosie.


And Lemuel.  Those two will also give me a perfect kid.  I’m not sure I’ll keep him that long, but he is my insurance.


Don’t forget, I decided early in the spring that Perdita was too cute and smart and sassy to sell.

Sassy little Perdita

That’s it.  Unless I can make Sylvia tame.


She’s beautiful and would make a great milking doe.  You know, if I could tame her down.