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Odds and Ends

23 Oct

It’s that time of year when I just don’t have time to blog (and take pictures) every day, so I’m doing almost all of my blog posts on the weekend.  That means I get behind in what’s going on.  Today, I’m just sharing a few odds and ends.

Friday, I gathered seven eggs from the chickens.  I have nine hens and nugget, but the two old hens don’t lay eggs anymore.  This is the variety I get from the hens.

Love all those colors!

My dad came out last week, and he put the new roof on the well house.  That’s a good job done.

Now I just need to re-paint the whole thing.  Sometime.  I don’t know when.

The buffer strip around my corn field got mowed again.

This will be the last batch of hay for the year.


This and That

13 May

This is the first year my little cherry tree has had very many little cherries.  I might even have enough to make a batch of jam.  I’ll have to wait for it to grow a bit more before I have enough cherries to make jam, pies, jelly, and cherry apple wine.  I might even have to find another sour cherry tree.

Today, Mom brought me a present.  It was a Bing cherry tree.  This one will eventually produce nice sweet eating cherries.   Hopefully, the rain will stop and I’ll be able to plant the cherry tree Mom brought and the pear tree I bought.  I’ll need to take panels to put around the two pin oaks and shagbark hickories that I want to plant in the pasture to grow strong and tall and provide shade for the animals.

That is the roof that I claimed was only held up by my prayers.  Either my prayers have gotten weaker, or the strong rains of the last few days are an unstoppable force of nature.  I’m hoping I can rebuild this little shed with wood from the trailer I have to tear down.  I really need the shelter, so this needs to be yet another high priority for the summer.

I must say the kids have fun with the roost.  It makes it easy for Velvet to feel tall, just like her mom, Meg.  It’s a lot of fun to jump from the ledge out the door.  I must say, if it weren’t for the wattles, there would be absolutely no clue that these two were mother and daughter.

When we put the new building up, we might have to make sure the kids still have something like this to play on.