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Lots of Food this Weekend

28 Aug

This weekend, I finally got to do some canning.  I had tomatoes prepped in the freezer from last week, and I kept picking them throughout the week, and I was finally ready to make my spaghetti sauce Saturday.  I got five pints and one half-pint.

Look at all those peppers and onions and mushrooms!  I still plan on doing a couple of more batches of spaghetti sauce.

I also had tomatoes left over, so I made tomato juice.  I got six quarts and one pint.

I love this old jar.  I have no idea where it came from, but I love the pattern on it.

I picked more tomatoes that I’ll have to prepare and freeze in order to can next weekend.

I’ve also started making yogurt.  Today, I made raspberry yogurt from those great wild raspberries from my pasture.

Very yummy!

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Raspberries Happen

5 Jul

I had planned a really great post for tonight on making goat’s milk soap, but raspberries happen.  My dad came and helped me with several small projects~tightening a screw in the breaker box to stop the spark every time the air conditioner turned on, fixing the tire on the ranger, cutting PVC pipes to make soap molds, shooting rats…

After that, I went and picked raspberries to make him some no-sugar added raspberry jam.  It’s the least I can do for him.

Tonight I’m cleaning raspberries, but first I’m going to go nurse all the scratches from the raspberries.  We’ll have to have that soap post some other night.

The First of July

1 Jul

The first of the month is here again.  Hard to believe we’ve come this far into 2011 already, and summer is in full swing.  Each month, Jan at Murrieta 365 invites us to post a picture of the same subject.  This is my cue to head back to the pasture and see the cottonwood tree that marks the beginning of a drainage ditch to the edge of the property.

It’s quite wild in the ditch.  All kinds of bramble bushes grow back there.  This time of year, I can easily spot the raspberry bushes.

Soon, they’ll all look lovely purple and be ready for me to pick!  Then I can use them for jam or wine or just to eat!  By the middle of July, they will be all gone.

There’s also plenty of gooseberry bushes.  Their fruit is mostly green right now, perfect for making pies.

Why oh why do the wild grapes look so lush and beautiful and the goats (yes, Oscar, I mean you) choose to eat my domestic grapes?

Because of all the lush grass and brush and the running water through the ditch, you never know who you’ll run into.  It might be a dragonfly,

or you might find a shy little spider.

Besides the spider’s Black-Eyed Susan, you’ll find birdsfoot trefoil, and Queen Anne’s Lace blooming.

Truly summer is here, and life is teeming under the cottonwood tree.

Below is the tree from March to July.


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