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The Kind of Weekend

8 Apr

This past weekend was the kind when you could stand outside and watch the grass turn green.

The weather was warm.

Moose (Bambi and Stormy in the back)

We had a bit of rain.  It was enough to make the goats want to lounge in the pasture instead of the barnyard.

It was pretty much perfect.

Bambi and Stormy


The goats are really enjoying the green.

Betty Lou on Saturday; Maggie on the same hill on Sunday

And the weekend ended with a quick storm that left a beautiful rainbow behind it.

Truly perfect!

Blessed Rain!

30 Jun

Once again, we had a chance of rain.  As usual, I saw the clouds gathering.  This time, instead of moving away from the farm, they kept rolling in.  The thunder announced the storm, and I waited.


The corn waited.


The pumpkin patch and pasture waited.


The goats were oblivious.


Then they took off for the barn.


The raindrops began to hit the window.


I was even rewarded with a rainbow on the back side of the storm.


We’re still way behind in our rain, but this one was a huge help.

I do hope you’ll come back to join us in Friday’s Hunt as we begin a new round tomorrow.  The items for the hunt are listed at the top of my sidebar.

Nature’s Beauty

27 May

The last few weeks have been rough on the animal health around here.  The temperatures have been up and down, and we’ve been horribly damp.  Now it’s rain.  This all means it’s a stress on the immune system.  I’m trying to be positive though, so tonight I’m focusing on nature’s beauty.



We were treated to a lovely rainbow last night.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter B. You know  bow of the rain.  I’m also sharing with Skywatch Friday.