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A Bit of Rain

24 Apr

I can hardly wait for the next drought monitor to come out on Thursday because I think there’s a good chance we’ll no longer even be “abnormally dry.”  We have had several rains lately, but Thursday night through mid-day Friday saw four inches of rain.

I came home from work and decided I should just do a quick check of everything.  I counted kids first.  Everyone was present.

Brigit and Ostara


They really could have washed away, but I’m pretty sure they are smart enough not to go in the water.

I haven’t seen the ditch this full in a long time.

This kind of really hard rain is hard on all the conservation work we’ve done.  I still need to do a better job of stabilizing this end of the ditch.

It would help if the neighbors hadn’t removed all of their waterways because that lets the old cornstalks wash into my pasture and knock down my fence.

The silt from their tilled fields fill my tile intake and completely plug it. I couldn’t even find it to clear it and help the water get below ground.

Somewhere in there is a tile intake.

So there is a lot of work to do.  But, I am going to focus on the good and celebrate another new bird sighting at Eden Hills–I saw my first ever belted kingfisher!  He was snacking on something he caught in the wet bottom.

I also saw a big bunny when I came back into the barnyard.

So, yeah.  I’m glad for rain, but it’s going to take some work to recover.

Walking With Bob

22 Feb

Sunday morning when I went out to pasture with the goats, I was pleasantly surprised that Bob came along.  We used to walk together in pasture all the time, but it’s been a while.

Bob Cat

Some bunny was lucky that Bob had already had breakfast.

Sorry for the blur; I wasn’t expecting a rabbit.

Because he does like rabbit for breakfast.

This morning, Bob was happy to just walk with and talk.  He doesn’t even swear when we’re walking in pasture.

He really is at his sweetest when we’re out here. But he is not so happy to get attention from the goats.

LilyAnn checking him out.

He’s been buttted by way too many kids.

More Wild Things

20 Jun

There seems to be a whole family of killdeer living along my road.

I usually don’t get close enough to them to get even a crappy photo.

I was happy to get these images.

I had a red-headed woodpecker hanging out in the yard.

red-headed woodpecker

I don’t see many rabbits on the farm (Bob likes rabbit for breakfast), so I was happy to see this one.


A pair of barn swallows built a nest in the buck room.  They certainly didn’t leave much room between the nest and the ceiling.  That is going to get crowded with babies in there.

I hope you’re not tired of the bobolinks because I just can’t get enough of them.  Their song is wonderful, and the male is quite striking with his breeding colors.


Although, I do think his yellow cap is starting to fade.

Wild rose is Iowa’s state flower.

I have quite a few growing in the ditch this year.

They are pretty.  My favorite butterfly is the tiger swallowtail.

I’ve seen quite a few this year.

This one was the first who was cooperative about getting his/her photo taken.