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Ready to Fly

1 Nov

I’m afraid Fionn’s ear (the one he cut the tip off) is getting infected.  He’ll definitely be getting another round of antibiotics.  It would probably help if he quit acting like a buck in rut.  I seriously doubt that will happen until spring though.

milkweed pod

I think I need a vacation or something.  It’s been just a chaotic pace with all kinds of craziness.   I kind of feel like I’m spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.  My motivation has been suffering.  I’ve spent the last week feeling inadequate and worthless.  I don’t know why I get into these funks occasionally, but it would be nice if I could shake it.  Must be the time of year.  Hopefully, this funky mood will change before spring.

milkweed pod

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo.  Not sure how it’s going to go this year.  That goes back to the crazy schedule and lack of motivation.  It also goes to the snarky nature of reviewers.  I can handle constructive criticism, but most comments I’m reading in reviews are just petty, which I don’t understand.

milkweed seed

It looks like the popcorn we planted in June actually filled out, and I’m going to have  a good harvest.  Now I just need to pick it and find somewhere to store it.  That will probably end up being my dining room.

milkweed seed

When I was walking back to the house after photographing the combine last weekend, I saw some milkweed pods ready to let their seeds fly in the wind.  I had to play with this one.  This is the version I shared on my author’s Facebook page.

milkweed seed and quote

I figure it’s always best to take a chance and risk being wrong rather than rotting in the confines of a small enclosed space.  Well, unless I’m in a funky mood.

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Forever Autumn

5 Oct

Today’s musical pick for Song-ography is Forever Autumn.  For my photographic interpretation, I’m sharing a photo/quote combination that I have already shared on my Author’s Facebook page.

fall quote

I really do love fall.   It’s my favorite season because it is so beautiful.  We have a few leaves starting to turn color.

fall leaf

We’re still mostly green, but the beans are changing color.


The oak trees are dropping their bumper crop of acorns.  They are kind of a nuisance on my sidewalk, but they are such great symbols of the season.


The days are getting shorter, and it’s fairly early when the sun begins to sink down casting long shadows.

acorn shadow

Of course, the pumpkins and gourds are my favorites for fall.

pumpkin and gourds

What’s your favorite part of fall?

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