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When I Have Free Time

27 Jan

Right now things have kept me really busy between teaching and full winter chores.

Onyx having a conversation with Benji, Lemuel, and Frodo

But when I have a little bit of time, I’ve managed to find some things to do.  I think I am getting pretty good at my vegetarian meat substitutes.  After five months, I think I’ve perfected the black bean and portobello hamburgers.

I also played with making manicotti for the first time.  I used my chevre to make the filling.

I still have a pie pumpkin on the counter from my garden that I ought to do something with before it gets rotten.  Maybe this weekend…

I have continued playing with buttons to make mixed media art pieces.  I finished the one that says “Hope”.  I still need to put the hanger on the back of it.

Then I did a tree. It has been very relaxing to make these pieces.  Hopefully, I’ll get better and be able to make more complex designs.

My newest mixed media art piece.

I’m trying to plan another one that will use feathers and buttons that will fit in the shadowbox frame.

I have also been spending a lot of time on genealogy to get ready for the trip east with my mom this summer.  It’s been a lot of research, but I want to be prepared to plan the best route.

Fat goats running and playing in the snow.

As much as I’ve managed to fill this winter time, I’m really looking forward to spring.

Fall Newborn Shoot

6 Nov

I prepared for my newborn shoot by collecting a couple of pumpkins because it’s fall.  I bought the white one (and a big orange one), but the little orange ones came from my garden.

I used them for the great-nephew’s 1/2 birthday shoot.

The great-nephews

Then I used them with the beautiful little girl’s newborn shoot.  The candy corn hat my mom made was perfect!

Then I put the baby in the pumpkin.  Seriously.  I had to.

She was perfect!

Who wore the hat better–Cookie or the baby?

Cookie (in 2012)

After the shoot was over, the critters got to enjoy the big pumpkin.


the chickens

Everyone was happy.

Lemuel and Frodo

But I seriously need more newborn shoots.

An Unexpected Harvest

14 Oct

My garden did horrible this year, and the many pie pumpkins that grew were mostly rotten by the time I wanted to pick them in late September.  But I evidently had a volunteer pumpkin that grew on the burn pile.

Since we’re windy and in a drought, I haven’t burned it.

They are even pretty decent quality.  Now I need to bake.