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Geese Like Treats Too

17 Jan

When I gave my yard goats pumpkin the other day, I also put one in the barnyard for the geese.


They were happy about that.


When the goats came back up from pasture, Casey was quick to find the leftovers!


I helped little Ava find it too.


I think she liked it!


I really need to give them some more.

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End of the Garden

20 Nov

With the change in weather to solid freezes at night, I had to get the rest of the stuff out of the garden.  I have one butternut squash and a couple of pie pumpkins.


I decided to bake the pumpkins today.  No sense in rushing, right?  I have a couple of days before Thanksgiving yet.


Oh, by the way, that ugly scar on the pumpkin might be from geese trying to decide if it was a weed or something for me.


I’m glad they decided I could have it.  I do still have a big pumpkin and a couple of acorn squash to bake too.



Snickers is keeping an eye on them for me until I get around to preparing them.

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My New Nemesis

13 Jul

How long does it take to rid an acre of pumpkins of water hemp?  I don’t know.  I’m at seven hours so far.  I’ll let you know the total when I’m done.


I am optimistic that when I get through it, the pumpkins will have grown enough to not need to weed them again. (I hope. I hope. I hope.)  Honestly, if I could wave a magic wand and remove the water hemp, it would look really good!  But I can’t do that, so I will keep pulling.


I actually see some little pumpkins on the plants that came up from the first two plantings.


The ones from the third planting are growing well.


Now I just need a bit of continued luck, and we’ll have plenty of pumpkins for the pumpkin patch this fall.

And a totally random thing:  today is my 6th anniversary on WordPress.  This is my 2,333rd post.  Although, few of those I transferred from my previous blog.

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