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End of the Garden

20 Nov

With the change in weather to solid freezes at night, I had to get the rest of the stuff out of the garden.  I have one butternut squash and a couple of pie pumpkins.


I decided to bake the pumpkins today.  No sense in rushing, right?  I have a couple of days before Thanksgiving yet.


Oh, by the way, that ugly scar on the pumpkin might be from geese trying to decide if it was a weed or something for me.


I’m glad they decided I could have it.  I do still have a big pumpkin and a couple of acorn squash to bake too.



Snickers is keeping an eye on them for me until I get around to preparing them.

I’ve updated my sidebar to have the items for this coming week’s Friday’s Hunt.  I hope you’ll join me.

My New Nemesis

13 Jul

How long does it take to rid an acre of pumpkins of water hemp?  I don’t know.  I’m at seven hours so far.  I’ll let you know the total when I’m done.


I am optimistic that when I get through it, the pumpkins will have grown enough to not need to weed them again. (I hope. I hope. I hope.)  Honestly, if I could wave a magic wand and remove the water hemp, it would look really good!  But I can’t do that, so I will keep pulling.


I actually see some little pumpkins on the plants that came up from the first two plantings.


The ones from the third planting are growing well.


Now I just need a bit of continued luck, and we’ll have plenty of pumpkins for the pumpkin patch this fall.

And a totally random thing:  today is my 6th anniversary on WordPress.  This is my 2,333rd post.  Although, few of those I transferred from my previous blog.

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Sunshine and Water

12 May

We’ve had rain and sunshine which has made for some good growing conditions.  Today’s sunshine made the goats happy too.

sunny barnyard_6389ews

I could see that the corn is coming up.  The tall grass to the left is rye.  We’ll spray that and use it as weed control where we plant our pumpkins for the pumpkin patch.  We also have popcorn and Indian corn planted.

crop fields_6415ews

Up north, it’s been empty since I put the big boys back on the front pasture.

red gate_6403ews

Luckily, the grass is growing quite well because I’ll put them back up here when we have June babies.  That way my new moms won’t be out in the Back Forty.


Of course, that mean’s I’ll be moving goats again before too long.

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