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More Fencing

23 Sep

I had to replace the fence around my yard.  We put the fence in 19 years ago with some used wire.

It was a good fence, but there are places that I’ve had to hobble together and other places the dog could just hop over.  I don’t know why he hasn’t.

I haven’t had a real front gate for many years.  Anyhow, we decided it was time!

The first step was using the posts I set in concrete and a couple of panels to put up a temporary fence across the yard to keep Sky from helping us.  You’ll notice the messy fence running along the tree. That’s the one that is so bad the dog could hop it.

The backhoe showed up, and they started pulling old posts and pulling the scrub bushes from the front fence.

It didn’t take long to completely get rid of the front fence.

Then we put it back in with new posts and panels.

New gates!  We put four new gates in.

I’m so excited!  Do you see the two gates to the left.  The small walk through gate is new.  That one has me excited too.  I’ll be able to go in and out of the barnyard without having to open that big gate.

It looks good!  Although, in the picture above you can see it is not very straight.  But we missed the tree, the pole, the electric wires, and made it to the side of the new gate.  It just gives it more character.

Then we moved Sky’s temporary fence and started on the side fence along the road.  I tell you, that dog was certain we were torturing him since he could see us, but he couldn’t kiss us.

This one had enough scrub mulberry in it that my dad went and got his chainsaw.

Then the backhoe came into the yard.

We got it cleaned out and started putting posts back in, but it got late.  I’ll have to show you the final results when it’s done.

Weekend Work

9 Sep

When I got home for the weekend on Friday, the goats were on the hill just outside the barnyard.

Myson was checking something out rather closely.  What was it?


There were trucks and woven wire in the Back Forty.  They came to work on the fence!

Friday night they managed to complete the short leg of the fence other than putting the clips on to fasten the netting to the metal posts.

Saturday they came back and continued to work on the long stretch.

The goats were not a fan of the big equipment back there.

I think it’s only the second time we’ve used my post driver on my farm; although, it’s had a lot more use elsewhere.

Nothing bothers llamas.

Tony in front; Maybeline and Odie under the tree

I was working on getting the clips on.

Maybeline and Odie were checking things out.

Odie in front; Maybeline behind

They even managed to walk through the gate.  I’m not sure they look too happy about all of this.

Then I had to make a run to town because we didn’t have enough netting.

We’re making progress!

New Fence

26 Sep

Many years ago, I decided I needed to extend the fence across the barnyard to be able to shut animals off my little front pasture when it was still the only pasture I had.  I didn’t have anyone to help me, so I got creative and did it myself.  I used my garden claw to help dig the holes for the wooden posts, and I worked like crazy to get the metal posts in the ground.  Then I put panels up.  There was a metal gate in the middle that I could wire shut or stand open.  It wasn’t mounted on the post.  I think it did an amazing job for nearly ten years.  It was time to change it though.  Luckily, this time I had help!

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Replace

There was one post that gave us a really hard time.  We had to go through the remaining roots of a tree that fell several years ago.  The post is not quite straight anymore, but it works!

Fence Replace

There are several little girls that are just now going out to the big pasture for the first time!

goats going to pasture

They seem to be really enjoying it, and I’m a lot more comfortable with the little girls not being in the pasture with the bucks.

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