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Some of My April Fools

1 Apr

We have a lot of fools around here.


Antigone with Spunky and Spuds




Benji and Frodo basking; Lemuel snacking





Tiger (top and bottom views)

Tiger’s best side

If we still had Pistol it would be 4 generations; Instead it’s Dolly, her granddaughter Astra and great-granddaughter Perdita

Zinnia snacking on leftover hay


They do make me smile.

The Benefits of Going to Pasture

21 Feb

For me, the benefit of the goats going out to pasture is that it really cuts down on the amount of hay I have to feed.  And with stupid off-farm job obligations, that is going to be important for the next couple of weeks.  For the goats, it means they get to run around and wear off excess energy.


Margarita and Venus

They have plenty of places to scratch between their horns.

Onyx in front of her maa, Victoria, who is scratching. 2TC to the right.

Zinnia scratching behind her horns.

Bark.  Yummy bark.


Especially since we’re out of the delicious derecho hay.


It really helps to end some of their crankiness in the barnyard.

End of the Week Photo Drop

18 Feb

Yep, just a bunch of pictures from the last week.

Cupid is getting big!

Salem in my plants again

Antigone has decided she likes to get away from Flower by hanging out in the garage.  Unfortunately for her, Flower has decided she likes to be in there too when it’s too cold for me to open the door outside.



Everyone eating on the south side of the barn to try and stay out of the wind.

Odie, Maybeline, Margarita, and Aurora

Pluto is just too stinking cute.


I’m glad he got his personality from the sweet side of the family and not his dad, Xerxes.


I am still cleaning things out and filling the dumpster.  In my cleaning, I hauled some containers of old popcorn on the cob out of my basement.  Before I got them in the Ranger to take to the burn pile, Sky thought he would like to try it out.

Sky with his popcorn

I am thrilled that the days are getting longer.


Casey munching on hay with the moon behind the tree

One more of everyone in the barnyard.

Have a great weekend.