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Barnyard Brawl

28 Feb

Friday evening, I saw a single line of hoof prints in the lane.  Saturday morning, I looked out to see goats on the hill.  It’s been a month since they have been out of the barnyard, and they have been horribly cooped up with the cold.  That means the sudden warm weather had them a bit crazy.

When they saw me in the barnyard, they raced back.  You know, on the off chance I might have had treats.

Pluto, Sidney and Casey in the lead

Then it was a free-for-all.

Wanda and Cutie fighting in front. Sidney and Pluto trying to figure out how Moira got on the fallen tree.

Purl leaping off the tree; Cupid racing under it; Wanda and Sidney fighting.

Zinnia and Cutie (half-sisters) fighting by my side.

Moira won Queen of the tree; Tansy leaping off; Daisy in front staring down Hilda; Pluto and Wanda fighting behind the tree.

Pluto, Wanda, and Purl on the back tree stump; Sidney looking on.

Tansy and Moira in a re-match of “Queen of the Tree”.

All the activity got Xerxes wound up too.

The frost made the tree really slick. Purl watching her maa, Hilda, make a not very elegant dismount.

To be continued…

And the Snow Fell

26 Jan

Our storm arrived on Monday afternoon, and it kept snowing and blowing all night and into this morning. I was going to do a survey of the barnyard for you, but Sky seemed to have a much better attitude about the snow than me.

Sky and the Snow Drift

It’s all about perspective.  Have a great day!

Playing in Pasture

5 Apr

When I let Bambi and Astra onto the front pasture and put Mary in the garage (for her hoof), I also made other changes.

I let the rest of the goats together.  That means all my moms are with everyone else going out on the Back Forty. By the way, I’ve done another two hours of fence hobbling to keep the goats in.

The kids had a lot of fun playing out there. Onyx (below) is just so cute!


Just some of the kids.

Just some of the kids

Freddie and Marin are checking out the fallen tree.

Bronc was having fun climbing on the tree.

Again, just some of the kids. The big kid on the left is Uno, just to see how big he’s gotten.

Bronc in the tree; Onyx trying to jump up there to join him.

Popcorn goes out with me and plays with the kids, but he follows me back to the barnyard too.

Ruby was also trying to climb that tree.


Onyx was trying to figure out how to join her sister up there.

Check out the video of Ruby figuring out how to climb in the tree.

They do make me smile watching them.  Here’s another video you can see them in.

You might have noticed that inserting the videos is new for me. I just created a YouTube Channel for Eden Hills, and I can now add them to my blog posts! I’ll try not to overload you with too many videos.