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16 May

Over the weekend, they prepped my field for planting.

Today, they came and planted my soybeans.

I’m done planting for the year!

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Planting Pumpkins

2 Jun

Yesterday we planted pumpkins.  That sounds like the whole story, but it’s never that easy.


I got back from my walk in the pasture and found a message from my nephew asking if it was dry enough to plant.  (This part of the story is my excuse for sharing this fence and meadowlark shot.)


Well, you can’t tell we had an inch of rain the day before, so it was quite dry.


The nephew came out after getting the planter from the same guy we borrowed from last year.  He had to do some work on it, but he eventually arrived.  Every time we tried testing it, the seeds were breaking.


We kept trying, and it did seem to get better, but we weren’t sure. We planted and then tried to find them in the ground.  We couldn’t .  We kept planting and playing and trying.  When we put the leftover seeds in the packets, we decided it really hadn’t planted anything.


Last night, he asked his dad, and they looked at it together this morning.  They eventually took it apart and found an acorn down in the workings.  That would explain a lot.


We planted again this morning, and we think it actually planted!  We think.


If not, we do have a plan B.  Sort of. The pumpkins that didn’t get sold last year are giving us a huge patch again.  We thought the spray we used on the field before planting corn would have prevented them from growing.  But it didn’t.

pumpkin junk_8141ews

Now we get to wait and hope the ones we planted do grow and try to figure out how to get rid of the ones up north.  And, yes, I did pick up the junk while I was there.  Except the six foot metal bar.  I had to call for help to get that picked up.

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25 Apr

My nephew has been working hard to get my field ready to plant.  Since we’re adding the area from the pumpkin patch and where we removed the old trailer, it takes a little more work this spring.  He field cultivated.  Well, until the hydraulic hose broke.


He filled in gaping holes where trees had been blown down and moved the huge tree, so it wasn’t in the middle of the field.  He got rid of scrubby mulberry shrubs.  He turned it into a part of the field rather than a pasture that wasn’t able to be planted.

field collage

Where he field cultivated, it turned up a lot of stuff.  He picked up a bunch.  I picked up a bunch. There was wood from the trees, concrete chunks from where we removed the old trailer house, bits of metal wire, and lots of simply trash.

spoon collage

Well, at least I found a spoon to replace the one I lost.  And a fork!


There’s still a bunch of junk left out there.  It will keep working out of the ground for years, and we’ll keep picking it up every time we are there.  What really amazes me is the number of shoes I’ve found on this farm.

shoe_5743ews shoe collage

It almost reminds me of a certain episode of Criminal Minds where the serial killers fed the bodies of their victims to the pigs.


Today’s post is brought to you by Song-ography, old shoes, and Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.  I’m also sharing my shoes with Tuesday’s Treasures and Mosaic Monday.

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