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Terrific Twosomes

17 Nov

For some reason I got to thinking about my old ladies and how I don’t often keep both kids from twins, but two of my oldest goats are twins–Stormy and Litha, born in 2008.

Litha in 2015

They are the first set of two I kept because I just couldn’t decide which one to keep.  Then I had an epiphany and realized I could keep them both if I wanted to.  So I did.

Stormy from 2017

There are only two other sets of twins left in full:  Bonnie and Blaze (b. 2011)

Blaze and Bonnie from 2012

and Sidney and LilyAnn (although they are two of a set of triplets).  Honestly, their brother was the only nice one of the bunch.  Dang sweet boys.

Sidney, Andy and LilyAnn (front) in 2017

Anyhow.  I kept Flower and Bud (b. 2010), and Flower is still here.

Flower and Bud in 2016

Casey is here, but I just lost Cookie earlier in the fall.  They were also two of a set of three.

Casey and Cookie (b. 2011) in May 2019

I still have Coral (2011), but we lost her twin, Clover, last year.

Clover and Coral from 2011

Haley (b. 2011) lost her (triplet) sister Harley last year also.

Haley and Harley in 2012

I kept two sets who are both gone now–Maggie and Marley.

Maggie and Marley (my original “tail count” kids from 2009)

And Pistol and Vinnie.

Dolly with Pistol and Vinnie in 2010

I sometimes can’t believe how long I’ve been raising goats now.  They certainly do have a way of stealing your heart.

Pistol Osboer

24 Oct

Dolly gave to me two very naughty little girls on March 14, 2010.  They quickly earned their names, which I can’t use on a family friendly blog.  They always went by their nicknames of Pistol and Vinnie…unless they were getting in trouble.

Dolly with Pistol and Vinnie

But she was cute and sassy, and she won my heart.

The first time she had kids, she gave me my Kiss-Me-Coral and Clover.  She was pretty sure they were aliens trying to attack her, but once she figured it out, she was a great mom.

Pistol, Coral and Clover

She’s definitely had an unusual medical history too–she had a hernia that was operated on. She had a serious back injury that I was afraid she wouldn’t recover from.  Little did I know that just before her injury, she managed to get bred through the fence by Fionn.  Not only did she have her oopsie babies, but she also adopted Muffin, who had had a traumatic brain injury.  She really did have three of them to look after.  She was so wonderful to Muffin.

Muffin, PJ, Tommy and Pistol

She was supposed to retire, but she did such a good job of having her oopsie babies, I put her with Sam and got Colt and Astra.  But that was scary–I think she had some arthritis or nerve damage, and I was afraid I had paralyzed her when I pulled Colt.  But she recovered.   In fact, it was this year that I finally decided to start milking her.  She was great–makes me wonder why I didn’t milk her before.  Well, she did really lose a lot of her “pistolness” with age.

Pistol and Astra

Then she did retire because of that scary birth and struggling with diarrhea the fall before I found out about the copper deficiency.   I babied her through the winter and she gave me another oopsie baby the following spring–Antigone!

Pistol and Antigone

Luckily she remained retired after that, but I’ve still babied her through winters and let her sneak in for treats of sweet feed.

Pistol taken in February, 2020

This summer, she has steadily lost weight despite the little extras. And this last week of really damp, cold weather was too much for her.

Pistol–July, 2020

I said good-bye to her yesterday.

I still see her in her daughters and maa, but I will really miss her.

Just a Few Pics of the Herd

23 Oct

Wanda’s back injury from last winter is almost unnoticeable.  I do still plan on retiring her, but she’s doing well.


I tell ya, Edith is just a carbon copy of her maa, Antigone.

Edith and Antigone

Pistol and Annie are hanging in there.  That’s about all I can say. That and they discovered cockle burrs, but they won’t let me clean them out of their fur. And every time I do manage to get them somewhat cleaned out, they walk through them again.  Poor girls.  I’ll keep trying.


Hera does not look too worried about LilyAnn trying to put her in her place.

Hera and LilyAnn

Tilly and 2TC were playing.

Tilly and 2TC

2TC may have been watching LilyAnn and practicing those moves.  Holding the ears up to look taller, is very important.

Chiffon came to see if I had peanuts.


Penelope has joined the group of young girls who like to come see if I’ve brought peanuts with me.


This is Moira checking to see if I had peanuts by jumping up and sniffing the camera.  Good thing she’s still fairly little.


Who I was trying to take a picture of.

Marin and 2TC

Ava was willing to settle for a few pets instead of peanuts.  Of course, she’ll get to come in for sweet feed at milking time.


The whole flock–the gander is showing off how well he’s recovered.

I’m going to try to sell the rest of the young goats this weekend if things work out.


It will be a relief to have them gone, but I will certainly miss some of them.