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That Leaves Maisie

16 Jan

That leaves Maisie with poor Pistol and Antigone.

Pistol and Antigone

Maisie might have accepted Tony and let her kid snuggle next to a llama. Yeah, that’s where I usually find the kid.

Maisie, Uno, and Tony

Or Uno likes to use Tony as a jungle gym.

But that doesn’t mean Maisie isn’t going to chase the other goats away from her precious baby.

They were going to step into my half of the garage. And they are both my half.  No way!

She really needs to chill, but she’s not going to.  I walked in once to find that Pistol and Antigone were trying to hide from her.  Of course, Antigone noticed the pan of llama food once she was up there. Yes, she has one foot on the bag of potting soil, one foot on the lawn mower handle, one foot on the panel, and one foot on the llama food pan.

Antigone and Pistol

I even tried putting the coat on Uno and putting them in the buck room, but Uno was shivering right away.  I’d still have problems with Maisie picking on Hilda, but I’d also have to worry about Xerxes picking on the kid.  I decided to close my panel and just shut her in with the llama.  If her kid couldn’t get through, maybe she’d stay with him.

That didn’t work.  I added more junk along the panels (to the point I can’t get through). Before.

Yes, Maisie is glaring at Antigone trying to figure out how to kill her while I’m standing there to protect her.


It worked.  For about two days.  Then yesterday Maisie (and Uno) were on the wrong side again.  Seriously, Pistol and Antigone just want to be able to take a nap without the fear of being killed by Maisie.

I think they had about five minutes of peace that first full day.


You’d think it wouldn’t be too much to ask, but Maisie just can’t refrain from killing someone.  She’d be this problem anywhere I put her.  She’s lucky she’s a good mom and I like her kid.

Where to Make June Babies?

12 Jan

With old ladies in need of care, I had to rethink where I was going to put everyone for making June babies.  I’ve already decided it’s been a crazy enough breeding year that I’m not even going to mess with any of last March’s girls.  They’ll get to grow another year before they are put in with a buck.

Moira and Venus

Remember, Zeus has to be in the Greenhouse because he won’t stay anywhere else.


I had planned on using Anubis to help make the perfect kid, but Zeus already bred everyone I was going to put with him, so I’ve decided on a different path to the perfect kid.  I don’t really even need to use him now.


I decided to put the two of them in the greenhouse with the two remaining girls that I need to be with Zeus, Caroline and Aphrodite.  I’m not keeping kids from them, so it doesn’t matter which one breeds them.

Zeus and Aphrodite

That just leaves Xerxes and Fionn.  Xerxes is the biggest chicken on the farm, and he panics at everything, so he is staying in the buck room.


I was going to put Fionn in the Love Shack, but I have old ladies there.  I decided to move my old ladies from the north pen.  All I had to do was open the gate while I was feeding everyone in the barnyard.  Penny and Bonnie should be okay to join the rest of the herd with just a bit of head butting.  But seriously, they have to butt heads.

Annie, Penny, and Bonnie (back)

I worry about Harley with her back injury, so I decided to put her with Maggie and Cookie in the Love Shack.  We’ll see how that goes.  Again, it just took a bit of food to bribe Harley (and Cookie) into following me.  Chiffon and Marge got carried over to the pen when they were done eating sweet feed in the milk room.

Chiffon, Marge, Cookie, and Harley

Fionn and Joani are up north.  Joani was actually pretty easy. It was that bribing her with corn that worked like a charm.  Ironically, Fionn is the easiest one to move.  I just put a collar on him and led him around.  The only time he didn’t want to come was when he saw the other goats still licking the food pans, but I promised him food when he went in with Joani, and he was happy. He’s such a good boy!

Fionn and Joani

Of all the girls left to be bred, Hilda is the only one I really cared about which buck she was with because I have to have her for making the perfect kid.  She’s my only Minnie descendent on the farm now.  She’s also a crazy brat.


I had to bribe her with a peanut to get close enough to grab a horn.  Then we wrestled for a few minutes before I got my collar on her as a safety precaution (I’ve lost her before leading her by the horn, and then there’s no bribing her after that).  She fought, drug her feet, stepped on my feet and was a general brat the whole time I was dragging her across the barnyard.

Hera reenacting the peanut bribe because Hilda would not do it.

Finally, I got her in the buck room, and she and Xerxes are together.  Does she look happy about it?

Let me out!

When it’s time for Antigone to come into heat, I’ll put her in there for a day or two and then let her back in with her maa.

Pistol and Antigone

I swear, this year’s breeding has just been chaos.

I’ve Lost All Control

11 Jan

This weekend, my plan was to move goats around to make my June babies.  You know, the very few goats who haven’t already managed to get themselves bred with oopsie babies.  Unfortunately, I am running out of space.  And to make things more fun, we went from 50°F (10°C) on Wednesday to cold, wind and snow by Friday afternoon.  I had to deal with my old ladies that need extra care before I could even think of making June babies.  Today, when I planned on doing all of my moving around is blustery and 20°F (-11.11°C).  That’s way too fast of a change in temperature.

I wanted to move Maisie and Uno out of the garage and put the old ladies in there.

Maisie and Uno

Don’t get me wrong, they are happy in there and Uno is doing well bouncing around, but Maisie is a big, mean bully goat who would not share well with my old ladies.  I was going to put them in the Love Shack where I have a heat lamp, but I’m afraid it’s just too cold to make the move right now, even with a coat.

Uno bouncing on Tony with Maisie watching

One of my old ladies, Maggie, was already in the Love Shack with her daughter, Margarita, for company.  Also, Margarita is a wimp, and I don’t want her not to get enough to eat since she is carrying Xerxes’s oopsie babies.  I decided I could try putting my other old ladies in there with her because it is pretty warm with the wind blocked, the heat lamp and more body heat.

Maggie (back) and Margarita in the Love Shack

Maggie was a brat.  She kept chasing Pistol, Antigone and Cookie out of the Love Shack and into the wind and sleet last night.  It’s really not fair because the Love Shack is where Pistol and Antigone were taking shelter before I shut Maggie in there because she got sick.

“I have claimed the Love Shack for mine. Nobody else!”

Even Margarita was being mean to Antigone.


I kicked the three girls back out and tried to figure out a new plan.  In the morning, when I gave everyone some hay for breakfast, I bribed Pistol and Antigone into the milk room and then drug them into the garage.  For now, it’s okay. I gave them water and hay on the far side from mean Maisie’s pen, and they can run around the truck to get away from her.

Pistol and Antigone

It doesn’t help when Uno wants to introduce himself.

Antigone and Uno

I guess this will work for now.  I’m going to try to put Cookie back in with Maggie and see if they can work it out in the Love Shack.


They’re half sisters for crying out loud. They used to get along.