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Getting Stronger

17 Apr

Little Miss Antigone is getting stronger.  She’s nursing on her own and doing quite well.


Pistol has finally settled down a bit and is back to being her usual doting motherly self.

Pistol and Antigone (with Vixen hogging the heat lamp)

If the weather ever clears, I’ll be able to let them outside (with Aurora, Lily and Vinnie to start with).



Oopsie Baby Reveal

11 Apr

When I went out to do my check on Pistol first thing this morning, I really had to look twice and really process the bag hanging out when I looked at her.  When it finally hit me that she’d had her kids, I rushed in.  Sadly, her little buck was dead, but she had another kid that was alive–a little girl.  She was horribly small also.

“Don’t take my picture. I just had kids.” -Pistol

I did the only thing I could, I called my mom to come be neonatal intensive care nurse while I went to work.  Bless my mom.  She came out without even making a cup of tea first and helped dry the baby off.

The baby girl was horribly weak, so she thawed out colostrum and gave her some little bottles.  By this evening she could stand up on her own, and she even managed to nurse her mom a little bit.

If you remember, I said that if the baby had wattles, it would belong to Colt; if it was polled, it would belong to Butter; if it had horns and no wattles, it could be either of the little boys or Fionn.

Butter, Colt and Astra

We have a winner!  Wattles!  She belongs to Colt.


She has been named Antigone.

A Muddy Mess

28 Mar

With our recent snows and rain and ice, we are a muddy mess.  They are working really hard at eating their second round bale.

It’s just a mess.  I hate making them be out in this stuff.  Even the kids are muddy.

Wanda’s girl, Zephyr

I feel really bad that they have to be in that.  I haven’t even had the heart to kick out my four moms out of the garage.

Maisie with her boys: Adonis and Apollo

Really.  How can I kick this cute little Punkin’ out in the mud?

Artemis (aka Punkin)

I thought about letting them out with Aurora, but every time I make a change with who is in there with her she loses weight again.  She’s still trying to catch up from the last change when I put my old girls in there.


And I’m pretty sure Pistol is going to have oopsie babies soon.


She doesn’t need anyone fighting with her.  Joani and Clover keep fighting with a fence in between them.

Joani (back) and Clover (front)

I am just ready for better weather.  Seriously.