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This and That

23 Aug

The Nugget

The nugget is getting big.  I’m still going to insist that the chick has to be a girl (not that I really have a clue yet).  I think it’s safe to say that, even though mama is a Phoenix hen, the egg donor was a barred rock.

The phoenix chickens and the peacocks like to roost in the rafters at night.

I don’t know how mama got her little nugget up there.

But she managed to get it down in the morning too.  I’m impressed.

The Garage.

When I was at work on Friday, another load of dirt got hauled in and added to the front of the garage.  I think I will actually be able to get the Ranger in and out without having to use the all-wheel drive once the gravel gets spread over there.  I can hardly wait until it’s done!

The Rain.

It might be a while until they can do more work because we had another surprise rain Sunday morning and it rained on Monday too.  The mallow is really looking happy with the rain though.

The Calf.

The calf nursing is Purple 11’s baby that was born here.  He’s already getting big!



23 Jul

We have a nugget!  The little phoenix hen hatched a chick.  She immediately abandoned the nest with her little chick and left all the other eggs back there.  By the time I found them, the eggs were cool.  We’ve been hot, so I’ll leave them another day or two to see if anything hatches.

Mama Phoenix and her it-better-not-be-a-rooster chick

If not, I’ll dispose of them before they make the whole barn stink like rotten eggs.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items listed at the top of my side bar.

Poultry Scavenger Hunt

11 Jan

It’s been a while since I joined Ashley for her Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I really need to make more time for visiting other blogs, so I can participate in all those great memes I love. Today’s items for the Scavenger Hunt are: new, red, breakfast, simple, and circle.

Can you guess what my peacocks are doing this winter?

Blue Gryphon

Blue Gryphon

They are growing new feathers.  You can see some short little topknot feathers on Blue Gryphon above, and my old man is working on a new tail.


Speaking of growing new feathers, Rodney is doing well after his neck being rubbed naked.  Unfortunately, I think he’s going to lose more of his comb due to the cold.  I don’t remember my other phoenix roosters having such big combs that they froze them off.  Poor boys.



I also figured out (quite a while ago but forgot to mention it) that I have another rooster.  He’s a big red one.  So far he’s pretty nice, so I’m okay with him.


I have one hen that thinks the egg looks like a new little chick for her to raise, but I think it looks like breakfast.

Egg in nest box

This is just a simple shot of the white hen, but I do like the photo.

White Hen

SOOC hen

I seem to be into minimalist photography with the white birds and snow, but I do like it.  I also love the geese’s eyes.  They are such a pretty blue with the black circle for a pupil.  And that orange outline!

Embden Goose

If you couldn’t tell by the new pictures, our weather has warmed up, so all the birds (and goats) are much happier now.

I’m also sharing with SOOC Sunday and Macro Monday, and I Heart Macro.