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Fall Allergies

17 Nov

We are deep into fall, but we haven’t really had much cool weather.  We had record warm temperatures again today, and the allergies are killing me.


pheasants in the ditch

I’m ready for the predicted change that’s coming overnight.  I’m hoping that will end the daily sinus headaches.

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What Scares Maxine

4 Feb

I knew the bovine were getting their big round bale eaten down, but I was a bit surprised when I went up to check on it this weekend. Don’t worry, in the bottom there was still enough for two or three days.

round bale feeder

They usually come tell me well before it gets this low.  I’d guess they didn’t like all the cold and snow and stuff.  I love seeing the pattern of the cornstalks, yellow against the white snow.

winter cornfield

cornstalks in snow

Anyhow, once I saw they needed some more hay, I decided to find them.  I looked and saw them up by the cougar cages.  Yes, they really are cougar cages.

cows by cougar cages

MJ was just standing there looking handsome as always.



Maxine was checking out the cages a bit closer.  I hate to tell her this, but they are a bit drafty.  I hope she doesn’t decide to move in.



Anyhow, she came over to see if I had brought a yummy snack (bad human).  Something startled her!

startled cow

What can scare a 1500 pound full grown cow?  Pheasants.


They were in a brush pile and must not have liked me being so close.  Maxine certainly stayed nervous for a while.

Gelbvieh cow

She was even thinking of heading back to the safety of their shed.

cow and steer

Poor girl.  Who knew pheasants could be so scary.

cattle shed

At least she has a nice safe cattle shed and her big hunky boyfriend to keep her safe.

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6 Nov

I used to always hear pheasants all summer long and see them flying all fall.  I haven’t seen or heard many in the last couple of years, so I was excited when I started seeing some this fall.

Hopefully, they know to stay safe during hunting season.

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