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Pumpkins and Pheasants

24 Sep

The pheasants are still hanging out in the pumpkin patch.  I have the feeling they aren’t going to like weekends in October.


pheasant hen

At least I hope they don’t.


pheasant rooster

My biggest fear is that nobody is going to show up.  My second biggest fear is so many people show up that I sell out in the second week.

(Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I wasn’t expecting them and didn’t have time to change settings on the camera.)

Flushing Pheasants

27 Aug

As I was walking up to the pumpkin patch last night, I heard pheasants.  I knew they were going to fly at some point, but I still am never prepared.




There were probably five or six.

A Pheasant

23 Apr

I told you I’ve heard and seen several pheasants around my property, but I hadn’t had a chance to get a picture.  Well, last night, I glanced out the living room window and saw a rooster standing in my yard.


I managed to get a couple of pictures.


Then a vehicle came by and scared him away.


I’ll have to keep a close eye out.  Maybe he’ll be back in the yard when it’s not so dark.

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