Scavenger Hunt & Song-ography in the Pasture

Today, the song for Song-ography is Look Out Any Window by Bruce Hornsby.

goats coming up from pasture

goats in lane

I stopped and looked out the barn window on my way to pasture to look for Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt items:  M is for…, What You Saw Today, Corner, Pink, and Hands.

M is for Minnie Pearl.  She is our herd queen.  Look at those amazing horns!

Minnie Pearl Saanen

Minnie Pearl Saanen

I also love my Saanen girls for their cute pink noses.

Millie Ann Saanen

Millie Ann Saanen

What You Saw Today.  I saw a lot of goats and a lot of grasshoppers and their shadows.

Haley Blackboer

Haley Blackboer

I also saw one little blue damselfly.


Corner.  Meg was in the corner of the pasture with her daughter Muffin and her grandkid Jelly.

Jelly (back), Muffin and Meg

Jelly (back), Muffin and Meg

Well, I couldn’t find Hands in the pasture, but I did capture my dry hands chopping peppers this weekend.

chopping bell peppers

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How I’m Spending my Weekend

This weekend is really busy, but I think I start every weekend post with that comment. This weekend, I’m trying to catch up on my cleaning.  That entails a lot of vacuuming due to some big black dog (not SOOC, but you want to see that cute face).




I’m still milking goats and using it to make cheese and yogurt.  This weekend, it’s yogurt.

cherry vanilla yogurt

I’m also freezing a lot of milk in ice cube trays.

This I’m using to make soap.  Yep, I’m making soap this weekend too.  This one is tea tree.

This is Midnight Pomegranate.

I really wish I could figure out why some turn out perfectly and some caramelize the milk in the center. (Again, not SOOC)  It doesn’t show up as badly in person as it does in the picture, but still…

All that cheese/yogurt making and soap making leads to a lot of dishes.

Finally, after neglecting the garden for a couple of weeks, I went out and picked this afternoon.

Guess what I’m doing this evening.

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A Short Post Due to Productivity

I’m back at work.  That takes a lot of time.  Really, it does.  Yesterday, I canned tomatoes that my nephew and his girlfriend brought me to add to my few ripe ones.

They also brought some peppers to add to my few.  I also got a couple from my dad, so I need to got chop and freeze peppers.

I also need to take this gallon of goat’s milk and turn it into delicious mozzarella cheese.  I want to get that done before I have to milk (It’s not looking promising).

Then I have some yogurt that is begging to have some fruit added to it.

So, this it my short post for the evening.  Hope everyone has a great, productive week!

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