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Trying to Stay Cool

20 Jul

We are ridiculously hot again.  Everyone just lounges around.  The goats are heading out to pasture fairly early in the morning.  They hang out under the trees during the hottest part of the day. It’s too hot for me to go out there, so all my pictures are from the barnyard.

Vinnie and Vulcan



Daisy and Dahlia

Cookie with Chiffon and Marge in the back

Maisie with her baby, Moose



Maybeline just hangs out luring Tony over so she can spit on him because she might be pregnant. Who knows?

Maybeline and Tony

On Wednesday, we had a line of storms pass through that brought everyone back up to the barnyard.

At least it cooled us down a bit before the ridiculous heat returned.

Odie and Maybeline eating in the shade of the tree.

I am spending my time making sure everyone has plenty of clean water and that they aren’t getting overheated.

Penny and her kid, Pipsqueak

One evening, I did have to hose Aurora down to cool her off.

Aurora (And look-the pool is still clean!)

I’ve been worried about Tony, too, but he’s hanging in there. I’ve added a fan in the buck room to help keep the air moving.

Tony Llama

The goats are doing okay.  We’re all ready for a break.

Dahlia and Joy in pasture with the big goats.

We are now looking at the end of this long stretch of hot weather.  Next week looks to be back to more reasonable temperatures.  Thankfully.



We’ve Got Milk

20 Jun

Once again, moving the moms into the north paddock means I don’t have room to wean anyone else.  That means, Snow White is still out nursing her mom.

Snow White

That means I can’t milk Caroline yet.


I’m not too upset about that because I’m getting quite a bit of milk from Ava and Astra.  This is one day’s milking.  Astra is pretty consistent from morning to night milking.  I get a little bit more from her in the evening.  I can’t believe how much more Ava gives me at night.  It’s crazy!  In the morning I get right at a quart.  At night, she almost gives me a half gallon on her own.

I’m glad to be getting so much because Penny’s boy Frisco is getting a bottle.

Frisco getting a bottle; Penny eating and Pipsqueak nursing

She is actually being pretty nice about it.  In the past, she’s tried killing me for feeding her kids.  I still get a little nervous when she gets close to me.

Penny and Pipsqueak

I’m guessing LilyAnn is making a ton of milk too.  Her udder looks huge, and little Ringo has exploded in colostrum poop scours.


She better appreciate me cleaning that up for her.


I also think his tail is permanently stuck in that position from being folded like that before he was born.

More Babies

8 Jun

Thursday evening, I did my 10:15 check before  bed, and I looked and Penny and I looked at Aphrodite, and I asked them both if they were trying to have babies because they both kind of looked like they might be.


I postponed going to bed and came back out and checked them at 11:00 pm. I looked and Penny and I looked at Aphrodite, and I asked them both if they were trying to have babies.  I couldn’t decide.


I went to bed, but set my alarm for midnight.  I went out and looked at Penny and asked her if she was going to have her babies?  Then I looked at Aphrodite, and she had already had her kid!

She was all new-mom nervous and backing away from her little girl who was already up and trying to nurse.

I went back to bed and came out at 1:00 am.  I looked at Penny and asked her if she was going to have her babies, but she still wasn’t giving me any help.  I did go in and make sure Aphrodite’s baby was nursing.  Then I went back to bed.

I came out at 3:00 am, and Penny had finally settled down for the night. I was satisfied with that and went back to bed.  I still had to work on Friday, so I was happy my mom was coming out to keep an eye on Penny.  It was the middle of the afternoon when I got the text that Penny had had twins!

She has our first two bucks of June kidding!

Yay!  I’m really liking that everyone is kidding so easily this time around.

Hopefully, that doesn’t jinx things because we’re only half way through June kids.