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4 Aug

Today I said good-bye to Penny.

She was such a regal goat and a very good (protective–beat me up) mom.

I will miss her.

Catching Up on Hooves

30 Jul

Hoof care is never-ending with the number of goats I have here.


Luckily, our dry weather is at least good for the goats’ feet.


I have a bit of a break in projects, so I am trying to do a few goats each day and checking them off my list.

The milking girls or retired milking girls are easy.


They are happy to come into the milk room and let me do their feet instead of milking them.

Pluto (not a milking girl) and Dolly

The only problem is that they want to get their hooves trimmed twice a day after I do that.

Astra with Jester

Some of the others aren’t so easy.  I have to tie them.

Wanda (with the leash and collar behind her)

Whenever I trim hooves outside, Casey is my helper.


How does he help?  He spends the entire time I’m bent over trimming hooves rubbing his head against mine, which does wonders for the ponytail.  Real helpful!

I am making progress with hooves, but by the time I’m done, it will be time to start over again.  That’s just the nature of farming.

Back to Normal

24 Jul

Now that the fence is finished, we are pretty much back to normal here.

The new fence

I moved the bucks (Xerxes, Freddie and Milo) back to the front pasture.

Freddie, Milo and Xerxes

I will replace some of the panels here with the old, heavier ones we removed from the old fence.


I’ll keep adding more bucks as I wean them.

Quatro is almost as big as his maa, Mary.

I really need to work on catching some of these wild boys to wean.


I moved my two girls from the Love Shack.  Before I moved them, I did catch them and give them copper.

Fannie and Six

They are much happier with a bigger space and green stuff to munch on.

Fannie and Six

I’m going to try to move Penny up with them because her arthritis is increasingly bothering her.


The little kids who had never been out to pasture before are figuring it out.

Stitch and Purl are experts; Archie is new.


Archie and Edith forgotten in the barnyard

Edith keeps getting left in the barnyard, but Antigone is a good mom.  She comes up and feeds her and then Edith can’t seem to figure out how to follow her back out to pasture.

Kate with mama Antigone

Everyone else is back on the front have of the Back Forty.



Maybeline, Odie, and Aurora

spread out on the front part of the Back Forty

Life is good!