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Androgynous Baby

7 Dec

Look who’s getting big!


The peachick is alost too big to fit beneath mom’s wing anymore.


I still don’t know if the chick is a boy or a girl.  There are no bright blue/green feathers like daddy yet, but they don’t show up until they are a year old.


For now, the little one looks like mom, but who knows what next summer will bring about.


I honestly would prefer another hen.  I already have to two males, and I don’t know why they get along.  I’d be afraid that the adults would pick on a teenage little guy.  After all, that’s how Blue Gryphon came to me.  The dominant male chased him off.

Peafowl Family

8 Sep

Look!  The whole family!


We also have another hen that hatched one little chick, but I haven’t been able to get a picture yet.  That mom is keeping her new little one tucked safely beneath her most of the time yet.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday.

Surprise Babies

17 Jul

I knew I had a peahen sitting on a nest, but I wasn’t expecting them to hatch yet.  I guess I lost a week in Iowa City.  Anyhow, a couple days ago, I saw she had two babies with her.


They are doing well.  She’s even taking them outside.

peahen and chicks_3881ew


They did lose mom, but someone had the idea to go over the 2×6 to get to her.  The first one made it no problems, but the second one didn’t fare so well.

peachick collage

Don’t worry.  The family was all together again after the baby picked him/herself up and tried it again.


It’s been a long time since we’ve had any peachicks make it to adulthood.  Hopefully, these two will do it.