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Spring Blossoms and a Surprise

17 Apr

I was worried about all my fruit trees with last week’s freeze warnings, but I’m more optimistic now.  The blossoms are just starting to open on the fruit trees. Here’s the cherry tree.

Cherry Blossom_5244ews

I actually have some peach blossoms this year, so I hope I get fruit from it again.  It’s been a couple of years.

peach blossom_5246ews

The plum blossoms are a bit behind the other two.

plum blossom_5247ews

Remember my poor apple tree that has been falling down for the last several years and the goats finally stripped the bark this spring.

Apple Tree_5239ews

Guess what!  It’s got leaves!

apple leaves_5240ews

Not only does it have leaves, but it also has blossoms.

Apple Blossoms_5241ews

Apple Blossom_5252ews

I don’t know how!

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Another Scavenger Hunt

12 May

The topics for this week’s scavenger hunt are:  perspective, golden, bloom, dark and local.

Perspective:  I’m so glad that my cherry tree is loaded with lots of blossoms, and they are just starting to open up.  Hopefully we’ll have a good year for cherries and apples, and I’ll be making a lot of wine this fall!

cherry blossoms

This is the wild plum blossoms.

wild plum blossom

Golden:  My favorite time to go outside and take pictures is in the golden light of evening.  It’s perfect, even if it is sometimes more orange than gold.

magnolia blossoms

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl



Bloom:  My peach tree is blooming.  Well, there’s about ten or so blossoms on it.

peach blossoms

peach blossom

Dark:  My beautiful MJ is about as dark as they come.  Soon the longer days will bleach him out to a dark brown color.  As round as Maxine is looking, I need to move them off that alfalfa to the Back Forty.  The trees need to get some leaves first though.

MJ and Maxine

MJ and Maxine

Local:  This is one of the local residents in my Back Forty.  This little fellow was enjoying a drink in the drainage ditch.


Then he saw me.


He went back to his tree.

squirrel in tree

He decided to just get comfy in the tree and wait for me to move on.

squirrel in tree

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My Beautiful World

7 May

There are many flowers blooming around here right now.  They are all so beautiful.  The magnolia blossoms are losing their petals, but their scent still fills the air.

I absolutely love the white flowering almond bush.  This is the only white one I’ve ever seen.

It used to be by the barnyard, but the goats love it as well.  I tried starting three or so, but this is the only one to survive.  I’d love to divide it and have another white one.

Most of the time you can only find a pink flowering almond.  They’re beautiful too, but I still prefer the white.

My cherry tree is covered in blossoms this year.

My lonely little bluebell.

This is the first time my peach tree has had blossoms.  They are wonderful!

I don’t remember seeing peach blossoms before.  I think they are my new favorite blossoming tree.

The white bleeding heart.

The crabapple tree is just starting to open.

I still have a couple of tulips hanging in there.

The traditional pink bleeding heart.

I have so many beautiful flowers around me now.  I also have apple blossoms and cherry bush blossoms.

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