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The Biggest Brat

19 Jan

Odie is wonderful 95% of the time.  That other 5% leaves something to be desired.

Pretending to be sweet (Cupid and Tansy in front)

It’s usually chasing goats.

My paths are not wide enough for her to be chasing goats.  Brat.

The Cleanup Begins

16 Jan

Well, once I got out there, I realized this was going to be a major job getting it so I could do chores.

The gate into the barnyard

The red gate where I have to go to feed Benji and his girls.

Luckily there was a relatively clear spot by the barn, but there was also plenty of deep snow.

I was thrilled I didn’t have to shovel the door to the hay.

I had to get in the chicken pen to get to the food pans and grain.

I went from the barnyard gate to the barn.

From the gate to the barn

Then I cleaned out the chicken pen from its gate to the door. I really just needed enough to open the door for me to get the food pans out and grain for the goats. If the goose comes out, her webbed feet act like snowshoes, and nobody else is going to come out in the cold.

my Goose

Anyhow, after that I did a path to the Love Shack.

Frodo and Lemuel in the Love Shack

I cleared out by the mineral/salt block and the water tub.

I did a path to the milk room.

I did a path to the greenhouse, but there was too much snow to go in there at first.

Popcorn and Flora

The same was true for the north paddock.  I got to the gate, but I had huge drift from the gate all the way to the shed up there.

And I needed a rest.