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Sweet Sixteen

23 Mar

As I think about all the animals in my life, past and present, there is none that has influenced my way of living more than MJ.  He was born March 23, 1997, and I gave him his first bottle the next day.  It was the start of my love for him.  Don’t get me wrong.  He was a painful baby, about killing me because he would butt the bottle so hard.  I finally would put it against a fence post.  He would butt so hard, he’d make his mouth bleed and even broke the bottle once.



When I thought of him growing up and going to slaughter, as almost all steers do, I would be physically nauseous.  I couldn’t do it.  I bought him at market value and we’ve never looked back.

ear tag keychain


As I looked for a home for my son and me, I knew that I had to have a place with a barn and a pasture.


wavy fur on his face and side

Now he’s turning sixteen-years-old!  Unbelievable!  He is the sweetest most gentle creature you could ever hope to meet.  He’s also probably one of the biggest, weighing in around 3000 pounds.


His love for his companion cow runs deep, and he’s perfectly content to help raise her calves.  He’s a role model for any human.

steer nose

steer ear

I love his soft ears.

He’s also the one that influenced me to give up eating meat.  Now he’s getting white hairs around his eyes as he ages.

steer eye


I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for his giant heart teaching me so much.

ox by hay ring

Draw-an effect from befunky.com


Since I couldn’t find any way to work Asian into my boys’ birthday, you also get a picture of my Chinese goose.

Chinese goose

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January Thaw

11 Jan

We’ve had about a week of warmer weather.  Maxine and MJ are back to bare ground.

Maxine and MJ

Maxine and MJ

steer in sunset

ox eating hay

There’s not much snow left on the back hills.


While I was up with the bovine, I noticed the windmill was turning quite a bit.  The winds are picking up.


The gravel roads are a mess!

muddy gravel road

Back in the barnyard, Coral just looked at me begging me to come love her up because she was not about to walk through that mud.



You know it’s bad when the geese are looking for a bit of hay to lie on.


Our January thaw is coming to an end, however, and we’re going to loose about thirty degrees for our high temperature tomorrow.

winter sky

Those rapidly changing temperatures are enough to drive a livestock farmer crazy because it makes it more likely they are going to get sick.  Poor critters.

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Come Check the Cows with Me

3 Jan

Now that I’m back to work, I’m rushing to get everything done before dark.  Tonight, after I finished with my chores in the barnyard, I went up north to check the cows.

snowy fenceline

I’m glad my bovine are cooperative because I think they could easily hop this fence.

snowy fenceline

By the time I got there, it was really starting to get dark.

winter oak tree

It didn’t take me long to find one of my bovine.

cow and hay ring

Maxine was munching on the hay.  It looks like they still have plenty!  That’s good.

Gelbvieh cow

MJ was just lounging in the shed.  I’ll have to see if my nephew can bring a cornstalk bale next time he has the tractor with the fork on it.  That will make it warmer and more comfortable for them.


They are looking good!   It certainly has been cold.  We still haven’t lost the snow from our blizzard.

winter cornfield

snowy cattle shed sunset

winter oak tree sunset

But that is soon to change.  We’re supposed to warm up into the forties by next week.

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