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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

15 Dec

The items for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday:  The Weather Today, R is for…, Green, Joy, and Drink.  These fit perfectly for this week’s Song-ography song, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

The weather today and yesterday has been white.  There’s snow on the ground and the sky is white, and we’ve even had a few flurries both days.

winter sun


It’s also cold.  MJ ventured out of the barn, and I thought he might enjoy a Santa hat.  They just don’t make them in his size.



R is for Reva all snuggled in against her maa after browsing in the pasture.



After all the cold outside, I like to come in and enjoy a nice warm drink.  My favorite is hot chocolate made with goat milk.

hot chocolate

Then I play with my camera.  I’ve started trying to find some lovely festive still lifes.  My photo assistant gets all wrapped up in the work.



Some are better than the others, but I think they all have at least a touch of green in them.

holiday bokeh

holiday collage

Finally, I’m filled with joy at my wonderful life and animal family here on the farm.

holiday joy

I do hope everyone has a joyous holiday season.

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A Scary Day or Two

6 Aug

The last couple of days have been very scary.  You know, I’ve said MJ is getting old (16 1/2) and his joints are bothering him, but I really thought we were near the end yesterday.  When I went out Sunday evening, he was standing there leaning against a dead tree dozing.

giant steer in pasture

When he walked, it was with an obvious limp.  His front leg has been stiff, and he’s been kind of dragging the hoof off-and-on for the last month, but the gimpy hips were new.

old steer in pasture

I know a couple of weeks ago, I watched him stand, and it was horrible.  He sat like a dog with his front legs straight and his butt on the ground.  The amount of work required to heave that huge body up is staggering.  I would guess, he either fell before making it up or twisted something in the process.  Other than difficulty walking, he didn’t seem to be in huge pain, so I decided to wait until the next day and see how he was doing.  It was worse.

bovine family

He was constantly grinding his teeth, which is a sign of pain.  The walking was just as bad.  I don’t know that he had lain down at all.  I really believed that when he did, he’d never get up again.  After talking with the vets, however, it’s been decided that it’s too dangerous to do anything while he’s standing.

the world reflected in a steer's eye

the world reflected in a steer’s eye

I took pictures.  I kissed and hugged and played with Firecracker Joe.  My son came out.  I’ve spent a lot of time with him.

Me and MJ

Me and MJ

Call me crazy (wouldn’t be the first time), but I swear that orange thing with the lovely gleam in it is the spirit of his first companion cow, Calfey.


a girl and her ox

This morning, he was in the barnyard.  I can only imagine it took most of the night for him to walk up here.  When I went up to him, he wasn’t grinding his teeth.  Thank goodness, the pain was better.

bovine family

He’s pretty much back to where he was before whatever was causing the pain; although, he is still standing a lot.  I know how hard it is for him to get down or up.  I did stop at the vet’s office and got some pain killers for him in case this happens again.

steer and cow

Don’t get me wrong, I still know that every time he lies down, it might be his last.  For now, he’s not in pain and doing okay, and I have at least a little more time to love my MJ.

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Nothing But Rain

18 Apr

We’re still in the midst of rain.  That’s good for pasture and cropland and lakes and ponds and such, but we’re actually seeing some places flood with it coming all at once.  Luckily, I’m not in one of those places.  The only flooding here is the barnyard.

raining in barnyard

All that rain makes it hard to take the camera outside and find wonderful pictures for the blog.

maple tree bud

So I’m thinking back to last Saturday when we had a pretty nice day!  The skies were blue with puffy white clouds.  The maple tree was enjoying the sunshine.

maple tree buds

Instead of being closed tightly with lack of sunshine and pouring cold rain, the crocus were blooming.

yellow crocus

purple crocus

purple crocus

The bovine are not getting hay now, so they are out wandering around the edges of the field and in the waterways and the old homestead yard to eat the grass.

Maxine and MJ

Maxine and MJ

If I had known we were going to have no days without rain, I’d have made sure to get more of the fence in there last weekend.  The rain is supposed to end tonight which will give us a break to let all this water soak in, and then there are more chances for rain the beginning of the week.  I’d better take lots of pictures this weekend.

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