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A Whole Lot of Nothing

7 Jan

Astra and Perdita having leftovers for breakfast


another highly cropped cell phone image of the owl I saw last weekend

Sky waiting for me to finish chores


frost on the front door



icicles over the barn door

Onyx and Victoria

The End of Winter Break

3 Jan

Well, I started back to work today.  I somehow feel like my winter break was all about cats.  It was.

Salem and Tiger

And I’d feel better if I still had a few more days to get things settled down between Rocky and Bob and making sure Tiger doesn’t get too rough with Salem. But I’m trusting that it will all work out.  It’s honestly a big enough house they should all be able to avoid each other, and they are doing okay.

Rocky and Bob

The other thing I accomplished over break was getting my tarps up.  Finally.

Bambi in front of the window that was wide open.

Along with covering the window, I had to re-staple the tarp on the north part of the lean-to.  Honestly, I need to replace it next year.

Daisy and Bambi (you can barely see the tarp in the back)

Same with the tarp on the north part of the lean-to with the bucks.  I need to replace it next year also.


I did have a little bit of time to get artsy crafty.  I’m trying to come up with more pieces to put in the soap room.

Haven’t decided how to finish it yet, but it’s this far.

I washed a bunch of peacock feathers.

dripping wet from the sink

getting dry and fluffy

I have lots of ideas, but I need to make friends with the glue gun.

Trying to figure out how to take advantage of those eyes

It seems to have a mind of its own.  I also need to dig the burlap out of the basement.

Just laying out some ideas

I did do a couple of experiments in the kitchen.  I made roasted Brussels sprouts and mushroom with onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese.  It was pretty good.

I also tried a Boston cream pie.  I’d never made one before.

I tried to give most of the Boston cream pie away, but everybody is trying to be good with their eating in the new year.  At least the Little Farm Hand liked it, and on my way home from delivering it to everyone, I got to see this amazing owl swoop onto Main Street and land on the electric line.

What an amazing bird!

Honestly, I feel like I didn’t get much accomplished that I wanted to this break, but I’m just going to blame it on cats and weather and call it all good.

Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2013

1 Jan

Ashley Sisk has her annual photographic review of the year, Memories, Dreams and Reflections.  Without further ado…

1.  Me:  This is hard since I am hardly ever in pictures.  I’ll share the one my sister took of me and Millie with my novel.

Millie and Me

Millie and Me

2.  I Love You:  Of course I love my human family and my animal family, but the last several months, I’ve been faced with MJ’s mortality and I’m grateful for every day that I have with him.



3.  Still Laughing:  I might not be LOL, but I do smile every time I think of Victoria keeping her kids in the tree.

kids in tree

4.  Winter Wonderland:  Ironically, I’m using a picture from last May.  Yeah, our freak May snowstorm was beautiful.

cardinal in May snow

5.  Birthday:  There are times I never thought we’d see Millie’s 10th birthday, but she’s going to make it.  It was right around her 9th birthday that we got news of our herd being CAE positive, and I’m certainly going to celebrate this milestone birthday next month!



6.  Friends:  For some reason, Casey and Myson have become best friends.  I think it’s cute to see the two wethers out there together.

Casey and Myson

Casey and Myson

7.  I was inspired: I spent a lot of time this year adding quotes to some of my photos.  I need to really take some of them to heart.  This was one of my favorites.



8.  Spring Fever:  Spring always means babies!


Little Bit

Little Bit

9.  Travel or Vacation:  I honestly didn’t go anywhere this year, and I had to dig into the 2012 archives for this shot of Beavie on our trip out east.  However, I’m planning on a return to New York to visit my goat sisters this coming summer.  I hope Beavie’s up for another trip!

Beavie Getting Gas

10.  Summer Days:  Long hot days filled with hard work making hay for winter’s feed.

hay pick

11.  A Day in my Life:  I know I just shared this shot of Moose eating hay in the barn, but every day in my life involves chores and taking care of the animals.

goat kid eating hay

12.  All Smiles:  I love the farmer’s market and seeing the smiles on all the kids’ faces when they are having fun!

Pumpkin Bear

13.  Autumn Harvest: This is from my bean harvest this fall.

soybean harvest

14.  Family or Home:  Home is where the goat is, and I love that I have my Back Forty as a wonderful home for them and my sacred space.



15.  Celebrate! This year saw the return of our small town’s commuinty celebration!  I had a lot of fun, and it was a great day for selling my soaps at the market.


goat milk soap on vintage dish

16.  Let’s Do It Again:  Are you ready?  It’s just about 2 1/2 months before we start kidding 2014!

Doe and twin kids

Bambi with Ximon and Xena

17.  I Miss You:  I lost several friends this year:  Cutie, Pam, Pebbles, Cupid, Annie.  I’ll miss them all, but Pam was truly a princess.  She was fun and loved to play and I will miss her for a long time.

Pam Street

Pam Street

18.  Beautiful:  A summer day, watching the sun go down.

grass sunset

19.  Dress Up:  We didn’t play dress up as much this year, but as much fun as Marley is, we might have to start doing plays for Millie’s blog again this year.



20.  Macro:  A monarch butterfly on the wild asters.

monarch butterfly

21.  Holidays:  I went all the way back to last spring for this Easter shot.



22.  My Favorite:  This has to be my favorite (or one of them) shot of the year.  It’s not often you see a coyote close up, and even more rare for her to hang around while I get my camera and come back.


23.  Don’t Ever Change:  I celebrate everyday I get to spend on my farm.  I am truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful life.  I don’t ever want that to change.



24.  Just Because–So There!  I love being close to nature in my Back Forty.  The great horned owls are some of my favorites.

Great Horned Owl

25.  Hopes & Dreams:  This is one of the hardest.  I feel like this year many of my dreams were shattered, and I’m kind of floundering.  I guess I hope my future gives me a lot more opportunity for photography as I love it.  I’ve been learning manual settings on the camera and I hope I can continue to improve my skills and maybe even master human portraiture.

flower in quadruple plate pitcher

I’m also sharing this with Alphabe-Thursday because looking back and forward, I have so many wonderful things in my life for which I’m grateful.  I’m also sharing with Rurality Blog Hop.