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A New Pet

19 Dec

Not really a new pet, but someone has decided to take up residence under my deck since I dont’ have a dog.


The little brat actually growled at me while I was trying to get a decent picture.


It didn’t take long to decide to amble off.  I’m not sure if it was because of my gawking or the flash or the fact that the rainwater in the dog bowl had frozen.


There s/he goes down the front steps.  Yes, those are goat berries from Pistol and Muffin on my deck.


Back under the deck again until I leave him/her alone.  I’ll be mad if we end up with a bazillion little oppossums running around.


The cats aren’t too sure about this new guy, but at least they don’t fight with the oppossum like they do the cats that come onto our property.

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