Muffin and Wanda

Muffin always gets run down raising her kids, which is why she is retiring.  It’s also why I put her up north with Millie to get extra food.



When the weather got cold and I was worried about her girl, Wanda, getting enough to eat and a place to snuggle up to be warm, so I put her with Millie and her mom.



They are doing well.  I think Muffin still needs to gain a bit of weight though.

doeling goat and mother

I finally figured out why she might be having a problem picking up weight (along with the winter weather).

doeling goat

I keep catching Wanda nursing her.  Still.  Really.

boer cross doe goat

I’m thinking it might be time for Muffin to wean her.

More Cute Arrivals

Yesterday, it was Penny’s turn.  I’m so impressed.  She had them on her own.  I’m thinking of leaving my mom in charge all the time!  This one is a girl.

doeling goat kid

She’s quite lively and bouncy.  She reminds me of Penny’s twin sister, and so she’s been named after her.  I present Peppermint Patty.

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty

Her twin brother isn’t quite as bouncy, but he’s healthy.

Boer cross buckling

He also likes his maa’s milk.  A lot.

Boer cross kid nursing

Here’s a bonus of Coffee and her kids.  The two boys are really getting out and about and bouncing around.

dairy goat and kids

This one is Fig.



This one is Newton.



Of course, we’re still waiting on Muffin.

Boer cross doe

I don’t know how she hasn’t exploded.  I’m sure when they finally arrive, her kids will be cute too.

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The Baby Bull

Norma Jean’s calf is growing.  He reminds me a lot of her when she was young.  He wants someone to play with, and the goats aren’t too happy about that.  I remember his mom trying to play with my little Bob Cat.  He didn’t care for her attentions either.  Luckily George will have a playmate when Grandma Maxine has her calf next month.

Norma Jean and George

Norma Jean and George

Oh yea, he’s also a sloppy eater like Norma Jean was.

Angus Bull 33ew


Although, I don’t think he’s quite a messy as his mom.

Norma Jean

Norma Jean as a calf

At least not yet.

Sharing with Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday where B is for bull.

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