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Naughty Nugget

10 Sep

I was really happy to get the ten new hens for the farm.

Unfortunately, Nugget seemed to have  a problem with a couple of them.  I had to return two white chickens.


Then he went after the buff one.  It was shut in the pen for its own safety until I could get it back to my nephew.

I don’t know why Nugget hated these three.  He loves the rest of them.

My only thought is that they might have been roosters.  It would be odd that I managed to get the roosters when they caught them, but while the buff one was shut in, I got eggs from all the girls.

Well, except my two old ladies.  They just don’t bother laying eggs anymore.

And there was not an egg with the buff one shut in the pen.  I guess time will tell if Nugget knew something we didn’t, or if he was just being a jerk to those girls.  Luckily, he seems to like everyone else.


New Ladies

27 Aug

Last year saw the loss of a lot of my chickens due to predators and age.  When my nephew and his wife decided to order chickens, I asked if they’d order an extra ten for me.  They agreed.  Then the day before the little chicks were scheduled to arrive, the door fell off my brooder pen.  Seriously.

from a previous batch of chicks

Then I went out to the outdoor pen and saw what bad shape it was in and didn’t know how I’d ever keep them safe and inside the pen.  My little peacock was quite big before I could keep him confined.

peacock baby from a couple years ago

I was also already struggling with trying to get weight on Aurora and it was in the middle of the copper crisis with all the goats, and I was overwhelmed, so I asked if I could leave them with him.  Again, he was awesome.  As the summer has gone on though, I’ve missed chickens and having eggs here.

This weekend they sent ten hens home with me.  They are pretty girls.

Even though chickens have to establish a pecking order and can be quite mean, I wasn’t too worried about them getting along since there’s a lot more of the new ones than my old ones.

2 new barred rocks, nugget and my old red hen

But my phoenix hen is being naughty.  She’s the smallest bird out there.  They could step on her and smash her.

phoenix hen

Nugget just has more girls to take care of.


The biggest problem is the peacocks.  They are not very smart birds, and they just want to peck at the new ones.  The new girls havnen’t figured out not to let the peacocks walk up to them and peck their face.  Hopefully, everyone gets adjusted soon.  I’ll keep a close eye on them to make sure nobody is seriously injured.

new hen and a peacock

It was just the next day when someone gave me my first egg.

It’s a cute little pullet egg!

Special Needs

26 May

I tell ya, all these critters with their special needs are killing me. I still have Harley shut in.  I do think she’s getting stronger.  This leaves me a little more optimistic for her prognosis once we get babies safely here.  Yes.  She’s half naked from the copper deficiency damaging her fur and then pouring for lice making it worse.  Poor girl.


I just wish she would quit standing up on the fence.  It really makes me nervous. I mean really, really nervous.

When I was carrying Harley’s hay to her, Aurora saw it, and she seemed to think she’d like to just stand around and eat.  That would be good to help her gain weight, so I let her in to eat with Harley.

I just couldn’t leave her in there because it’s too small, and I also have goat minerals in there for Harley.  I even checked with the Iowa State vet that saw her before.  Nope.  Aurora can’t have that.  It has too much copper, and it could become toxic to any of the llamas.  That means I have tried to get a place where the goats can go in and eat the minerals and the llamas can’t.


I didn’t have the opening quite small enough, so I had to wrestle Buster to get him out.  I swear the farm is currently a combination of musical chairs food pans and keep away.

I did have Aurora want hay another day or so later, and she went up north and came back out when she was done eating.  I am going to try to get some llama feed to try and let her eat when she’s up there.  That should help her gain weight too.

I have to have the minerals because the remaining March/April kids are still at risk of suffering the neurological damage from being born with low copper levels.  I’m trying to encourage them to eat.  I swear I can’t figure out all these special things.


Then I still have Snickers on his special diet.  I either feed him canned food or egg every day.

It’s been getting harder for Leo to get up on the table to eat his food, so I’ve also set out another bowl where the dog won’t get it, but it’s easier for Leo to get to.


I also had my little phoenix hen injure her leg, so I have her shut in a pen to heal.  She really is improving.

I’m guessing the injury might have something to do with how big Nugget has grown.


Oh.  And I can’t forget to give Harley her meds on a peanut butter cracker.  They are keeping me on my toes!