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14 Sep

Just some critters I’ve photographed around the farm in the last week or so.

Honeybee on chives

moth on goldenrod


northern flicker

red headed woodpecker



northern flicker

tree frog on my garage

This is a pretty time of year.


Critters Around the Farm

22 Apr

Here’s a few of the critters I’ve seen around the farm lately.

Hope you have had a very happy Earth Day!

An Amazing Bird Walk

30 Aug

I was completely stunned and thrilled when I saw a whole flurry of bird activity in pasture when I was out walking this weekend.  It started with what seems to be a convention of swallows.  I don’t know if they are all meeting in my pasture to head south for the winter or what, but they are everywhere!


Then I noticed a bluebird and another.  Then the goldfinch stood out.  I also saw something scurrying around the tree.  I thought it was a flicker.

Birds 4693ew

When I got the photo on my computer, I realized I had two northern flickers (in the photo above).

flicker 4690ews

I counted at least six bluebirds.

Bluebirds 4698ews

I headed back towards the barnyard and saw the flicker again.  I believe it’s one of the juvenile red-headed woodpeckers on the tree with it.

Northern Flicker 4752ew

The wren was back up by the barnyard on my way in from pasture.


It was amazing!

I’m sharing today with Wild Bird Wednesday.  I do hope you’ll consider coming back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my sidebar.