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That Time of Year

24 Nov

We’ve reached the time of year with short days and no time to do anything but work and chores.  That means I struggle with blog posts.


That means more indoor posts, like cats.  Although they are pretty boring too most days.


After all, they are cats.  They seem to spend most of their time sleeping and washing.


Bob was evidently taking a nap when I sat down to eat.  You can just see him deciding whether or not it’s worth the effort to get out of the box.  For the record, it wasn’t.  He just went back to his nap.

Bob Cat

Leo and Sky were helping me turn the page in the book I was reading.

Leo and Sky

They’re both quite helpful that way.

Random Shots

8 Nov

Noelle is adorable, but she still has no manners.  What is it with my animals and their lack of manners?


Dolly was in heat.  Despite my insistence that she is retired, she was making out with Xerxes. Now she’s all disgusting like a buck.


Fluffy tail was chewing me out.  I did let him/her know that I’m not the one to worry about.  That would be Sky.

My Casey Doodle.  He was such a sick baby, and look at him now–big fat boy wether.


A lady bug on the fence post

a ladybug

This dog is such a goofy boy.  Don’t feel sorry for my mom.  She encourages such behavior!

Sky on Mom’s lap

Happy, happy day!

The Inside Toy

2 Sep

Sky might like to try and make the goats run when he’s outside all day, but he still has energy to want to play with Noelle when he comes in after I get home from work.

Sky and Noelle

I’m not sure she still enjoys being his toy.

She gets awfully whiney about it.

Although, Sky is the only one who ever really cries like he gets hurt.

It’s a good thing she’s as naughty as she is.  She can put him in his place.