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Holiday Wishes

31 Dec

All of us at Eden Hills wishes you and yours a very happy and safe new year!

Myson Osboer

Myson Osboer

Here’s to a wonderful 2017!

Welcome 2014

31 Dec

I usually like the new year and all that reflecting and goal setting and planning, but this year, I’m kind of floating.  I guess we’ll see what 2014 has in store all in good time.

New Year Goat Collage

Millie Ann Saanen

Millie Ann Saanen

Meanwhile, I want to wish everyone a very safe and blessed New Year.  Millie sends the best wishes from everyone in the barnyard, too.

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Crowing in the New Year

31 Dec

You might recall that I got a batch of new chicks in the beginning of August.  Well, the girls are getting big.

They are very beautiful, and I’m quite happy with them.

It’s just that, well I never knew hens could crow.

Pretty amazing, huh?

This white chochin is one of the few of the chicks that I named.  I named her Dora because she was quite an explorer.

Look at that comb and those wattles.  I think Dora is going to be one of those crowing hens too.

Actually, I saw something today that makes me 100% certain Dora is going to start crowing, but this is a family blog, so I didn’t photograph it.  Here is one of the non-crowing white cochins.

See.  Here are my two beautiful crowing hens!

By the way, I do really know they are roosters.  I’m just living in  denial, and this brings me to the end of my tail.

Except for the Happy New Year’s wishes!


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