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In the Bird Pen

29 Jul

With the three naughty roosters, by birds were horribly negelcted.  I’ve been working on cleaning in there too, but I still have the goose sitting, and I don’t know when she’ll be off the nest.  I just hope she hatches a couple.  I don’t want to disturb her, so it’s pretty minimal cleaning right now.

I mentioned we are still having great weather.  That’s helped the gander feel better.  He was not doing well at all in the heat.

It seems a bit early, but the peacocks are molting.  Every time I go in there, I pick up tail feathers.

Soon, I won’t be able to tell who is dad and who is baby.

I’m also happy to say that Nugget is still a nice rooster.

That makes me happy!


Who’s Sitting Now

11 Aug

I have another peahen sitting on a nest.


We’ll see if she hatches anything.

peafowl and chicks_5296e

The other two are still doing well and driving their mom and me crazy with their wandering outside the pen.

In the Coop Today

26 May

I spent some time today cleaning out part of the chicken coop and getting the chicks moved.

Chick pen

They were getting too big for their cage.  The chickens and peahen was enjoying the spilled starter feed in there.  Because the starter feed with medicine can be fatal to ducks and peafowl, I always us non-medicated just because I know how much they love to sneak a bite.  The buff-colored chicken in the photo below is Honey, aka The Kitchen Chicken.

chick pen 115aw

The little ones are really enjoying the larger space they have.

Chick 107aw

You can see a video HERE.

Chicks 20ew

I had to be careful while cleaning the building out because the Cayuga hen is sitting on a nest.

Duck hen 15ew

We could have thirteen little ducklings in about 21 days if she sticks with it and does a good job.

Duck Nest 118w

I personally think she just wants away from the two drakes.

Ducks 104w

They are very naughty boys.

Drakes 13ew

They are in lust with a couple of my hens, and they are really starting to look pretty rough.  Those two are going to get their curly-feathered drake butts kicked out of the coop if they don’t leave my hens alone.  I’m assuming I’ll be kicking them out to free range next weekend while I’m home to keep an eye on them for the first day or so.

Hen 46ew

The peafowl are also laying eggs.  They don’t have a real nest though.  I still am out of straw, but I have it ordered for as soon as it’s baled.  As soon as that happens, I’ll get the rest of the coop scooped clean and then freshly bed the whole thing.

Eggs peacock 105aw

I don’t want the geese to feel left out, so even though they aren’t in the coop, I thought I’d show you the oops of a goose egg I found today.

Egg 77ew

It doesn’t have a shell.  There’s just a little hard crusty calcium layer, but not a real shell.

Egg 79ew

It’s soft and squishy because it’s just the inner membrane around it.

That was my day in the bird building.  Sharing with Good. Random. Fun. and Wild Bird Wednesday.