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Spring Walks

13 May

Even though it’s been really busy, I’m trying to make sure to take time to enjoy some walks in pasture.



red-winged blackbird

northern flicker

some kind of oriole nest

another sparrow

red-bellied woodpecker


I do love this time of year!


22 Apr

I can’t imagine how boring it is to sit on a nest for twenty-eight days.

At least this one has cute company.

Or they might make the task more stressful when they get too close.

Tidbits and Stuff

15 Apr

I haven’t shared the llamas for ages.  Maybeline and Odie are their characteristic fat and sassy.  They are definitely ready for a summer shearing.


Aurora is a bit more shy again since I’ve not been on the back side with them very much.  I do think she’s picking her weight back up after our harsh February.  I do always worry about her though. Once you’ve had ulcers, you’re more likely to get them again, so I constantly worry about her.


But she seems to be doing well.

I am starting to think about June babies.  I know, we just finished kidding, but it’s time to start checking udders to see who has settled.  I’m pretty sure Joani will try to smack me when I feel her udder, but I’ll try to be sneaky and quick.


I haven’t even shared anything about my old ladies or the young ones who were with the moms.

Dolly enjoying a nap

But they are still there and doing well.

Flora playing in the tree

Antigone enjoying the sun out of the wind

Onyx is making an udder!  That kind of scares me as little as she still is.  She’s going to be fifteen months when she kids, which is plenty old enough, but she is still rather small.  All of the others her age seem to have outgrown her.


This is the look of a dog who would like to chase and eat a whole bunch of kids. He and I have serious conversations about not acting like a dog.  It does no good, so I’m grateful he respects boundaries and I have a good fence between the yard and barnyard.


The goose is sitting on a nest.  She’s not very good at this because I keep finding eggs out of the nest.  Or it might be that she won’t let the other girl in the nest to lay her egg.  I’m not complaining because I don’t need another twenty geese running around.

Can you see her on the nest in the feed bunk?

In other goose news, the jerk gander seems to have tangled with someone and lost again.

The gander on the left seems to have balance issues

He appears to have brain damage.  His balance is off.  It doesn’t seem to be anything that will kill him, but he doesn’t seem to be attacking goats anymore either.