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Peeking Out at the World

12 Jun

I noticed we have babies.  I think I see four beaks, and I’m not sure if someone has his/her backside stuck out at us too.


I love seeing these little barn swallows growing up and getting rid of flies and other bugs.

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22 May

I’m not a fan of raccoons, but I tolerate them in the pasture.  That’s where they belong.  I hate them in the barnyard.

Embden goose on nest

Gabby was pulled from her nest and killed.  She was the oldest animal on the farm and one of my original geese.

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Monday Random-ocity

18 May

The Good.  My little cherry tree has tons of green cherries that are growing and starting to get big.  I can’t wait for them to be red and ripe.

Growing Cherries

The Random.  This falls more into the category of I told her so.  The goose is gone.  It looks like she escaped, but her nest was destroyed, and I only found the remains of a couple of eggs.  I really didn’t think that she picked a very good spot.  I’m glad she seems to have escaped.

destroyed goose nest

Broken Goose Egg

Broken goose egg

The Fun.  Other birds are just building their nest the way it looks.  I’m also adding the red-winged blackbird just for the fun of it.

bird nesting

Red-Winged Blackbird

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