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A Couple of Updates

19 Jul

Everyone was really well cared for while I was gone.  My son and his girlfriend did, however, think the goose was lost.  Eventually, they found her.

Miss Goose on her nest

Of course, that means the pool was staying clean, and some goats decided to take advantage of that.

Ostara, Athena, and Brigit

I had tried to get her off the nest before I left because she can’t hatch anything from those eggs, but she still was trying.

I think I finally have her off the nest now.

I hope so.  In other news, we seem to have hit the worm season early this year.  I hate worm season.  Benji is not feeling well.  You can tell by the marks on my garage that he’s been struggling with diarrhea.  We went through this with him last year too.  He’s getting worm meds, and he seems a bit more himself today.  Hopefully, he will continue to improve.


I even had to worm Ostara, but she’s not doing too bad.


I am not ready for this season at all.

In better news, Tiger went to the vet for his yearly checkup.  I was kind of interested in how much he weighs because he’s kind of big.  Granted, he’s got a bit of extra weight on him, but he is big.


He weighed in at 16.8 pounds.

He is one seriously big hunka sweet ol’ kitty.

A Bunch of Birds

13 Jul

I haven’t had much time for bird watching, but I have managed to get a few pictures when I’ve been out tracking kids.  It’s been a bit excessive this summer. One day right before we left, I had a very good evening of photographing birds.

bluebird with cottonwood fluff falling

Bobolink coming in for a landing

Eastern Kingbird

red-headed woodpecker


Baltimore orioles flirting

Eastern Meadowlark

Eastern goldfinch

And there’s a lot of barn swallows right now.

barn swallows

They are everywhere!

Spring Walks

13 May

Even though it’s been really busy, I’m trying to make sure to take time to enjoy some walks in pasture.



red-winged blackbird

northern flicker

some kind of oriole nest

another sparrow

red-bellied woodpecker


I do love this time of year!