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Some of the Gang

31 Jul

Just some leftovers from the last week.


Penelope on the brush pile with Addie coming to join her

This is how Bob has spent pretty much every day this summer.



Freddie waiting for head scratches or peanuts

one of the peacocks

Six and Fannie (who is very close to getting a horn apparatus attached)

the ganders

Chiffon, Venus, and Cookie




I am working on kicking the geese out of the chicken building.


the young hens are getting braver


I know it’s kind of a photo overload, but I had a lot of leftovers this week.

The Power of Peanuts

28 Jul

Goats love peanuts.  This is a good thing.  I’ve shared that this is how I give goats copper, and heaven knows I have to do that often enough.


But peanuts are also the thing that helps to win over hearts.


I have been trying to get Chiffon to like me for over a year now.  Her sister, Marge, was the big problem.  Every time I got close, Marge would run and Chiffon would follow.


Well, the last round of copper was different.  Chiffon discovered peanuts.

She LOVES peanuts.  She’s even willing to let me pet her in case it results in peanuts as a reward.

She’d follow me anywhere for peanuts.

Unfortunately, you have to be fast around here or someone else might eat it first.

Chiffon, Bambi, Ava

I think Chiffon inherited her love of peanuts from her maa, Cookie.

Or it’s just a goat thing.

Fun in the Addition

26 Jul

The new area that the goats acquired when we re-did the fence has the remains of a fallen tree.  It was completely hidden in the five foot tall grass that was knocked down into a nice soft straw-like mat.

Front: Flora; Center: Gill and Tilly; Top: Trace, Cinnamon, Tansy, and Flower; Back: Tiger and Cinquain



Gill, Cinnamon, Pluto, and Moira

Hilda with kids Stitch and Purl


Cinnamon bullying Tansy; Tiger below


This means that the goats are enjoying playing and lounging in this new area.