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I Wouldn’t Have Thought It

15 Apr

A year ago, I’d never have believed I’d see this view out my window.

MJ and Victoria

MJ and Victoria

You see, I really wasn’t sure MJ would be around, much less staying in the north paddock.  I also have this rule about no yard goats.

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Moving the Big Boys

7 Apr

In keeping with my weekend task of moving all the animals around, I thought I’d share the last of my moves.  MJ has been on the front pasture with the non-mom goats, but he has a really hard time getting around, and there’s no way he can walk and eat enough.  He can’t go on the Back Forty with the cows because he’d try jumping them and finish himself off.

steer and goats in pasture

I decided to give him a section of the cattle lean to and then give him the area north of my barn.  The llama is annoyed because he had taken to chasing MJ away from the food and then napping on that big pile of hay.

cattle lean-to on barn

It’s big enough for him to have plenty of exercise, but it’s small enough I can easily feed him grain and hay and keep a water tub filled for him.  He also has a salt/mineral block.

steer eating hay

old steerI did remember to block the entrance to the small lean-to. If he tried going in there, we’d have to tear it down to get him out.


I did remember a couple of things I had to remove from the lean-to also.  Blaze was glad I remembered her kids.

sleeping goat kids

It’s also close enough that I can give him a lot of attention!  That’s a good thing!

steer licking hand

I also had my two big bucks shut in the small paddock off the front pasture.

billy goats

It takes a lot to shut them in somewhere.  My red gate is good, but they are sometimes even better at getting out.  They tend to butt things and even managed to completely loosen the panel so I had a little girl join them in there.  Yikes!

shut gate

I used some specialist equipment to fix that problem.  Twine is as handy as duct tape!

twine knot

They were turned out onto the front pasture, since all the other goats are now on the Back Forty.  Of course, you have to stop and try to rub some of that winter coat off on your way out to pasture.  They all seem to think it’s fun to rub against the fences.

buck rubbing on gate

Finally, a random sleeping kid.

sleeping kid

Everyone has been moved for the summer.  Easy peasy!

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A Perfect Pasture Day

20 Mar

It was beautiful for the first day of spring.  Really perfect.  I let the non-mom goats, the llama and MJ out into the small front pasture.

steer and llama in pasture

I think the goats glutted themselves on the dry grass and wore themselves out, so they came back to the barnyard for some basking.

basking goats

Maxine, Norma Jean and her calf were enjoying the sunshine too.

cows in field

MJ preferred to bask in pasture.  I admit, it does scare me when I see this.

steer sleeping in pasture

But he wiggled his ear and sat up.

steer in pasture

He did come back to the barn for supper of hay and corn this evening, but everyone enjoyed the day out.

I’ll probably have another baby update tomorrow.  If you want some goat cuteness from my kitchen to hold you until then, you can check out a video HERE.

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