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The As-Soon-As-I’m-Vaccinated List

24 Apr

Now that I am fully vaccinated, I’ve started working on the list of things that I’ve been putting off.  First on that list was getting my hair cut.

Old picture from Feb. 28 when I had a black eye

It had been two years and four months since I had cut it.  I always wait around two years, but the last five or so months has been driving me crazy, so on my way home Tuesday, I just stopped and got it done.

I feel so much lighter!  The hair that was cut off was sent to Locks of Love.

Next up was replacing my phone.  It was really old and having some issues (for the last couple of years).

I had to work hard to figure out how to get my picture back on my phone as the background.  I love my Millie.  I’m excited to try out the camera on this one.  It should be a big improvement if I can figure it out.  That will make it easier to get blog pictures!

Millie Ann Saanen (2004 – 2015)

I made a trip to the fiber mill last weekend and picked up my cored yarn that I dropped off last summer.  I am excited to have it back!  These are the first blog pictures from the new camera.


I know they’re not very good, but they were up in the library, and I didn’t want to do the stairs to bring them down to a better light and background.


Another item on the list is to go back to taking classes at the mill.  They think it will be this summer when they begin offering classes again.  I’m excited!


Sadly, another item I had to take care of was going to the doctor to see if I could get my knee to quit hurting after hiking the front pasture so much while kidding.  I got a steroid shot, and it is starting to feel better, but there are bone spurs and arthritis in it.  So I’m taking it easy and hoping for the best. Although, it’s why you’re getting this list instead of real farm stuff.  Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll get back out there and take a lot of pictures!

Farewell Magnolia

1 Sep

I absolutely loved my magnolia tree.

When it was in full bloom, there was nothing more beautiful.

The scent was heavenly.

Although, I’ll never understand why anyone would plant a tree in the middle of three buildings with the electric lines strung between them.

It served as the backdrop for one of my favorite pictures ever.

Millie Ann Saanen

It breaks my heart that the derecho took it out.

My dad and nephew came out this past weekend and finished removing it to have it out of the way when they come to do my electricity (Yeah, I still don’t have electricity to the house, but they have a plan for when they get to it.).

Dad with his trusty chainsaw

Having the tree gone definitely reveals why replacing the greenhouse is on my list of things that need to be done around here.

Now that it’s mostly cleaned out, I’m thinking ahead.  I liked it as a shade flower garden, but I think this might be the solution to me missing my herb garden. I think it has potential for some sage and oregano and strawberries and dill and chives and…

potted sage plant

Sigh. That might make me miss it a little less.


Their Forever Farm

8 Oct

You know, it seems like every time I talk about something with the goats, it’s how the copper deficiency has impacted it.  Today is no different.  Milk–the copper deficiency impacts their production.  I’ve also noticed in the last few years that I just can’t keep them in milk.  They dry up well before I’m ready for them to.


I used to milk until it got too cold in the open chicken building or the first of February when I had to let them dry up to make colostrum for the next year’s kids.

Millie’s udder

This year I’ve already had two completely dry up on me and Zinnia is drying up quickly.  I’m sure getting the copper back in their systems will fix it, but I don’t know how many years it will take.


That means, I had to let the woman who had planned on taking Aphrodite and Hera know that she wouldn’t be able to milk them the way she wanted.



That also means that they are now just staying here.

As long as Hera will decide to let me touch her again.

She hasn’t let me touch her since I had to put the horn apparatus back on her.