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Canning and Milking

15 Sep

Well, last Sunday was too wet for me to dig potatoes, but I ended up picking more bell peppers and tomatoes.

Salem checking it out

So I made my taco sauce.  It’s good.

Look at all those spices!

I might have to make another batch.

I have adjusted whose getting milked.  I had already cut Antigone and Astra down to once a day because I wasn’t getting very much from them.  Then one afternoon Antigone didn’t come up to get milked when I called, so I just quit milking her.

Antigone regrets her decision. She’s still begging to come in.

My other girls are not about to skip getting milked.  Ava and Astra were waiting under the walnut tree for me to come out to the barnyard and start milking.

Ava and Astra

Astra is still getting milked once a day.  She doesn’t give me a lot, but it is a bit more.  And it’s good for her to come in and eat.

I try to do her last and let her eat a bit longer when I can.  But sometimes Joy makes me call to her.  Then she’s last.

Joy coming up; Astra leaving the milk room

I am thrilled to have all this milk for mozzarella and yogurt.

starting a two-gallon batch of mozzarella

And I am getting my freezer filled back up. in case of bottle kids next year. And I’ll still get to add Zinnia to the lineup when I wean her girls!

A Hint of a Plan

29 Aug

I’m still annoyed over how bratty and wild most of these kids are.  Well, Ostara is a brat.


She’s not wild.  If I get her in the right mood, she loves to have her butt scratched.  But it’s only if she’s in the mood.

I get why the June kids are wild.  I left on vacation at the wrong time, but Zora was already wild.


I still want to keep Zora.  She’s big, beautiful, and mostly dairy.  I just keep thinking of how awesome she would be to milk.

Then there’s Ava, who is an amazing milking doe who is getting older.  I’d love to keep a girl from her.


Unfortunately, all of her girls have been wild. Even her Freddie and Fanny–I have a sweet Freddie boy, but Fanny was so wild I couldn’t keep her.

Fannie and Freddie (from May 2020)

But this year, I took her girl, Heidi.  She is a bottle kid, and honestly, she was already pretty sweet before I gave her a bottle.  How many times have I posted about how the two bottle kids won’t leave me alone?


Anyhow, I’m thinking I need to capture Zora and Ostara and shut them in the Love Shack with Heidi and Pretzel and Rosie.

Rosie will be sad when I sell her sister, Shelly.

Heidi and Pretzel

Maybe then, they’ll calm down and be sweet.  Because I really want them and I really want them to be not wild.  I’d settle for not wild.  We’ll have to see how this all plays out.

Too Hot to Fight

20 Sep

We were rather warm Saturday, but I thought I’d try letting Cutie out of the north paddock. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I mentioned that I had her up there after weaning her girls because she was thin and needed some extra help.

Cutie up north with Perdita

I let her out when I fed the goats, and then I figured they’d head right back out to pasture.

Cutie is feeling better

Instead, I ended up with a brawl.

Cutie, Ava, and Caroline (all Sam babies)

Look at that face.  That is a face with a mission to fight.

I decided to put Cutie back up north because they would not leave her alone.

Ava ready for another round.

This explains why I can’t lead her daughter anywhere.  She apparently learned the drop down and just make her drag you technique from her maa.

Caroline was actually a bit helpful at this point.  She bit Cutie’s butt and pulled some fur out which made her get up…for a minute.

Seriously.  I finally got Cutie back up north, but look at how hot and exhausted she is.

The other two still wanted to come fight.  They stood on the other side of the fence to harass her.

Caroline, Ava, and Cutie

Of course, they were panting the whole time.

Don’t look at me like that. I told you it was too hot to be fighting.

I don’t know why on earth the thought they had to fight in this heat, but it’s just too dang hot for that.