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Saturday in the Soap Room

5 Dec

It was nice to be in the soap room Saturday.

I’ve missed being open and seeing people.

Of course, where I’m at in the middle of nowhere, any day you have one person stop in is a good day.

I have “Dolly” playing cards!

Goose egg Santas

Saturday was a good day!

I think I’m going to keep opening up on Saturdays through Christmas.

After that, I’ll probably try to be open one weekend per month.

I will admit that it did make it a bit challenging to try to make yogurt Saturday evening.

Dishes too.

I’m also going to whine about breaking my crock pot.

It was a stupid thing (not letting it cool enough before setting it in the water) and I’m annoyed with myself.

The Soap Room is Open

1 Dec

Another project I accomplished over the weekend was to get the soap room set up to have visitors back to the farm for shopping!

fine art prints

Mom does the Barbie clothes; My dad made the wooden toy fence.

Wall hangings my dad made.

Feather earrings my mom made.

Dad also does the trucks

hand knit rugs

feed bag totes and scarves

book art and candles


note cards and stuff

feathers, candles, and stuff

wax melts, knit hats and stuff

Christmas ornaments

Recipe holders my mom and sister made.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there.

I Need Advice

26 May

With the changes in the world, I really want to get back to promoting and selling my products through my website.

infinity scarf

I keep expanding what I make, but that means I have to deal with shipping.  I can’t find a way to figure shipping that gives me control.

candles and wax melts

Paypal lets me create shipping based on dollar amount or weight.  But it doesn’t let me fluctuate between methods the way I need.

hats and ear band

Right now, my shipping is set for soap sales.

goats milk soap

I can upgrade my account at Weebly to use their shipping calculator, but I’m afraid I’m going to run into the same problem.

fine art print

My understanding is that Etsy no longer lets you charge shipping.  I thought about using Facebook, but I’m not sure how that works.

note cards

I can add shipping to the cost of the product, but I still can get weird combinations that means people could pay a lot more than they need to for me to ship their items if I have to jack up the price of everything.

feed sack totes

I really don’t want to do that.  I just got a lot of my inventory back from the consignment shop where I had to jack up the prices by twenty percent so they could have their cut.

goat’s milk lotion

It could also leave me stuck paying a large amount of postage and losing money on an order if I don’t add enough to items.

I try to keep my prices reasonable.  I haven’t raised the prices of my soaps since I started making them, and trust me the cost of supplies has gone up.

dish cloths, dryer balls, and coasters

I do allow for people to message me what they want, and then I can figure the price of shipping and send an invoice, which works well, but would most people be okay with that in our world of instant gratification?

hand knit llama wool rugs

What do you think?  Any ideas?