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Winter Storm

26 Nov

We were under a winter storm warning most of yesterday.  It really missed us.  Thankfully.  We only had a few flurries.  There was lots of wind, and it got cold, but we missed almost all of the storm.


I did decide to take precautions.  I got the window tarps stapled down in the barn.  I also covered the window in the soap room.

Penny Lou

I’m hoping since my nephew finished harvest on Thanksgiving day, we can get my barn cleaned out and bedding brought in to make that much cleaner and warmer for the goats.  It really has been a rough year for getting all the fall work done.

I made sure I had a new shorter bucket for the chickens.  Hopefully, the geese don’t just splash it all out.

I also scooped some of the dirt from in front of their door, so I can get it shut when the ground freezes.  They’ll get fresh bedding when it gets here too.

It looks like the cold is here to stay for a while unfortunately.  I don’t like to trim hooves and expose that newly exposed hoof to bitter cold and hard frozen ground.  Thankfully, I did get a few more sets of hooves trimmed over Thanksgiving weekend.


I still have a handful of girls to do, and they are not going to be the easy ones.


I am back to almost being able to touch Hera, and I know that trimming hooves will ruin that.


I might try to save her (and Antigone, Cupid, and the little bucks) until winter break.  Hopefully, we aren’t going to stay with January temperatures until then.


Time for Copper

21 Oct

I am giving all the goats another round of copper.  As bad as they were, I don’t think it will hurt to give it to them a month early.


I think the peanut butter and pill hidden in a peanut shell worked well, so that’s the plan again this time.

I really want to make sure the girls who are getting bred have copper for their babies because I don’t want to lose anymore babies.  I know most of my greedy goats will gobble down the peanuts.


Although, I know I’ll have a few that won’t cooperate.

This time, I’m prepared!  I have a pill pusher that is actually made to hold the capsule I’m using.  It doesn’t fall out, and the thing is spring loaded!

This made things so much easier!  I did manage to get all but 2 1/2 adults to take the copper in treats (LilyAnn spit half of hers out), and Zeus did too.


I’m really glad I didn’t have to push it down Margarita with the scar tissue in her throat.  She still sounds kind of like Wolfman Jack.


I had to use the pusher on the three March girls, but it was easy!


I am so glad it went well this time.  I’m definitely going to keep pushing the peanuts as treats.  We’re good for another six months.

The Rest of Zeus’s Girls

18 Oct

Part V, the final post, on making spring break babies:  I shared that I put Caroline and Wanda with Zeus, but he also got some more girls.

Annie, Caroline, Zeus, Sidney (in front), Wanda and LilyAnn (in back)

I put LilyAnn in there, but she was just coming out of heat, so I don’t believe there is any way she’ll get bred.  We’ll try it again for June.


Then there’s Sidney.  She might or might not come into heat because she was just in heat last week.


I was also guessing the shot was too soon since Margarita’s last time of being in heat, but she did come into heat.  We’ll see if she settles.


Even though he has six girls with him, I’m not sure he’ll have more than Annie, Wanda, and Caroline that come into heat.

Zeus and Sidney

At least he’s interested.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be cute too.