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More of Who’s Due

21 Feb

Annie is due over spring break.

Hopefully Antigone settled for June.

Aphrodite will hopefully give me June babies. Moose is just fat. ūüėČ

Astra is due on April 1st.

Ava is also giving me spring break babies–probably my last Fionn babies.

Cutie is due over spring break.

I think Daisy settled for the first week of April.

Sidney (and her triplet sister LilyAnn) seems to have settled for the first week of April.

Victoria, the oldest one I purposely bred, is due over spring break.

Margarita managed to get herself bred for the last part of May.

Winter’s Back

13 Feb

After some mostly decent weather for a while which let me get everyone where I needed them for spring break kidding, Mother Nature decided to send another blast of winter our way. ¬†(Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pictures, but I wasn’t taking my big girl camera out).

This is really hard on the animals. ¬†They just don’t have time to adjust with those sudden changes. ¬†That means I had to do more moving goats around!

Maisie’s ear and Uno ¬†(Maisie was trying to eat the phone. Bored Maisie is dangerous.)

Uno is back in the buck room. ¬†Since it’s just him and his mom, I could shut the outside door. ¬†The little stinker is still shivering under the heat lamp, but he’s going to make it through the cold snap.

Uno and Maisie

Luckily, Maisie wasn’t too bad to lead through the garage. ¬†I still have Wanda in there. ¬†She’s pretty much unaffected by this cold snap.


I’m still waiting on Blaze to have babies, and I’m kind of getting tired of the 2:00 am checks. ¬†Maybe she’ll have them on Valentine’s day!


I left my old ladies huddled in the greenhouse with the door mostly shut.


Maggie is the one I am most worried about.  She is still so thin and run down.

Maggie with Margarita sleeping under the heat lamp.

Since the Love Shack was empty, I threw Dolly in there with Pluto.

Dolly (sorry, no treats) and Pluto

I also put Astra in there because she is one who tends to just hunker down on a pile of hay outside because she’s so far down on the pecking order. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, she will go in, but this way she won’t have to worry about sneaking in and staying in throughout the day. ¬†I also put Moira and Venus in because they don’t have moms to snuggle beside.


Fionn and Xerxes will snuggle in together.

Xerxes (ready to run if I get too close) and Fionn

In the main barn everyone has extra hay to snuggle down in and nibble on while it’s this cold.

Bambi and Daisy


For some reason, Chiffon and Marge left the greenhouse, but they seem to be doing fine. ¬†I’ll keep checking on them.

Marge and Chiffon

So far, everyone is hanging in.

Old Ladies Together

9 Feb

Since I sold the bucks, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to get everyone moved where they need to be before kidding in March. ¬†I took the old ladies from the Love Shack and easily led Margarita, Maggie, and Cookie to the greenhouse. ¬†Chiffon and Marge snuck in while I was dragging fat wethers out. ¬†I’ll leave them for now, but I might have to kick them out if I need more room.

Cookie, Margarita, Maggie, Marge, and Chiffon (with Sidney on this side of the gate)

Harley was another story. ¬†I had to drag her. ¬†I don’t know why she won’t walk. ¬†Dragging is so hard on her back. ¬†I even tried bribing her with peanuts. ¬†I finally got her into the greenhouse too.


Then I brought Pistol and Antigone from the garage. ¬†The weather was fairly warm today, and it is supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow, so I figured there wasn’t going to be any better time to move them.


Margarita greeted Antigone in typical goat fashion–fighting.

Antigone and Margarita (with their moms, Pistol and Maggie watching)

Finally, I added Clover. ¬†She spent the night in, but she wanted out the next morning, so I let her. ¬†I’ll keep an eye on her in case I really need to put her back in the greenhouse. You can see that I have a heat lamp in there (the circle in the doorway). ¬†Actually there are two in the building. ¬†That will help it stay a little warmer.

Antigone, Clover, and Pistol

Maggie has claimed this lamp for herself.


I thought about adding Dolly in there. ¬†She’s seemed tired lately. ¬†I don’t know why. ¬†She did go in, but when she didn’t find sweet feed, she wanted back out.


They have all the ameneties they need in here. ¬†It’s a heated water bucket, sweet feed delivered every day, and lots of hay.


I also gave them a sweet lick bucket last week.  I figure anything to encourage them to eat is good.


They like it.

I also want to apologize for the post I accidentally published this morning.  I meant to hit save.  It will be coming later in the week.