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A Beautiful Day for Basking

4 Mar

The goats were really enjoying the warm weather yesterday even if they didn’t want to go out to eat in pasture.


It was horribly windy (I think that’s why Cookie’s eyes are squinty, but I’ll check her again).


Vixen was sleeping quite soundly.  She’s getting old, and her age is showing.


Lily and Aurora were enjoying the sunshine from the doorway to avoid the wind.

Aurora and Lily

They really do get along well.





The Second Half of Winter

11 Feb

We made it through the first half of a rough winter.  It was mostly bitter cold, and that trend of below average temperatures is continuing.

Now we’ve also added some snow.  We’ve had several rounds of snow in the last week.

It’s beautiful.

Nobody wants to go out to pasture.  They are more into standing around

or hanging out in the barn.

Margarita and Buster

Maggie, Margarita, and Maybeline

It certainly isn’t helping with my need to go through less hay though.

It also makes it more challenging to do chores.

Moose, Reva and Mary (behind)

I actually had to dig out my snow shovel.

Sky was very helpful with that.



The Well Saga Continues

5 Feb

As it turns out, the well people were able to come look at it that morning.  I tried getting my mom out there to put Sky in the house because I figured they really did not need his help.  She waited and waited and waited.  Eventually, I texted their number to her and she called.  It was just a few minutes that I got a return text saying they had been there already and I should call them.  That is never good.

Sky helping me read a book

The well had a grounded short somewhere, which is why my fuses kept blowing.  The solution was to re-do the wiring and since that often damages a pump, they needed to pull and replace it too.  He did say there was only one problem…the well house.  They couldn’t get in there and work and pull the pump with that tight space.

I assured him it would be easy peasy because when we built the well house, seventeen years ago, after the last time they replaced the wiring/pump because it had been struck by lightning, we made it so the roof would come off.

In the meantime, I got out my sixteen gallon heated tubs and put them in the barn.


Some goats are sure I’m trying to dehydrate them because I don’t usually make drastic changes of where I water them, but this was kind of an emergency.

Mary totally not figuring out there’s water right beside her

I had to figure out a way to water Sky too because I had no electricity in the well house, and it was turing crazy cold again.

He also ate the heated bucket I had been watering him in because, apparently it’s fun to eat when it’s full of ice.

I finally settled on putting the cord through the dryer vent and into the basement.

A foot too short not to have to use a drop cord

I also decided to turn on the electricity to the cattle tank to try to keep the water line from freezing.  It has heat tape wrapped around it.  That meant I also had to open the black panel on the side and unplug the heater up above because the goats had drained it.

Removing a removable roof is sometimes easier said than done, but bless my dad.  He came back from Missouri, and we got the roof off.  It was a bit more work than we thought it would be because all the roofing nails went through and helped nail it down, but we did it!

I covered it with a tarp, and now it’s ready to go!