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Mostly Getting Along

15 Jan

After moving everyone around over the weekend, everyone seems to be adjusting for the most part.  Of course, Joani and Fionn are fine together.

Fionn and Joani

Xerxes and Hilda get along.

Xerxes and Hilda staring out to pasture

Although, Hilda would still prefer to be back out in pasture with the rest of the herd.

Hilda “Please let me out???”

Even the two bucks and the girls with them seem to have mostly adjusted.

Aphrodite in front; Caroline, Athena, and Zeus

Zues does still pick on Anubis sometimes, but it isn’t too horribly serious, and Athena escaped once, but I got her put back.

Anubis and Athena

The old laides I was worried about are doing okay.  It didn’t take long for Maggie, Harley and Cookie to figure it out.

Margarita, Harley, Maggie, Chiffon, and Marge (Cookie is inside behind Harley)

Although, Marge did let herself out of the Love Shack.


That leaves Maisie with poor Pistol and Antigone. (To be continued…)

Crazy Weather

6 Jan

The crazy damp, warm, cold, windy, snowy weather all mixed together is really hard on the animals.  My nephew has been treating sick calves because of it.

Trying to stay out of the crazy wind on Sunday.

Maggie came up from pasture early on Saturday, and she was obviously not feeling well.

Margarita and Maggie

I have her in the Love Shack with a heat lamp and her daughter.

Trying to stay out of the crazy wind on Sunday

She’s been treated.

Hopefully, she’ll feel better.

The Year of Endless Oopsie Babies

26 Dec

It’s not unusual for me to have an oopsie baby.  Usually that’s it.  Or we might have a couple because a buck gets out once.  But this year…


It is never ending.  Do you see who Margarita is with?

Margarita with Fionn and Xerxes (and Anubis who isn’t in the picture)

Oh my goodness.  I don’t even know how many oopsie kids this is going to be.

Yes, Xerxes, I can’t blame you if the girl breaks in with you.  You are innocent.

At least they should be cute kids.