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Pasture Weather

20 Feb

This morning was pasture weather.  The wind is blowing hard, but the temperatures actually rose overnight, and the forecast was for upper fifties today, so everyone thought it was a good idea to go out to pasture.


I decided to follow because it’s been a long time since I was in pasture with the goats, and I really needed it. I went past a couple of llamas just out of the lane.



Then the goats saw me, and they came on the run.

The did finally settle down and we got to hang out for a bit.

Haley and Cinnamon

Casey and Maisie

Even the old ladies were out on the front pasture.

Coral, Antigone, and Flower

I thought they were going to go back up to the barnyard.

But they settled at the top of the hill, and after I went in, they disappeared back out to pasture.

With the warm days in between the cold ones (it’s been crazy roller coaster weather), you can see that most of the snow is gone.  That means Freddie and Xerxes are taking advantage of their outdoor space.  I hope that means they will fight less too.  Freddie’s horn really needs less fighting.


I’m glad we got to enjoy pasture time today because now we’re looking a colder and rainy, icy weather by Tuesday.


4 Feb

More from my photography spree last weekend.


Joy and Zinnia are still giving me milk, but my freezer is full.  I keep thinking I need to stop, but I just can’t bring myself to quit milking.  They enjoy coming in for feed, and I like all that milk.


Sky was protecting the property from whomever was shooting.  He’s not afraid of gunfire, but he wants to try and scare it away.


Flora has been naughty lately; I had to give her a middle name so I could properly scold her.  She is now to be known as Flora Jean Goodberry.

Flora Jean Goodberry

I still haven’t decided for sure if Penelope is going to have spring break kids or not.  I’m really thinking not, but time will tell.


Maisie was so starved after she decided to have triplets her last year of having babies.  They just sucked the weight off of her.  Well, she’s found all that extra weight again.

When the weather was nice, the llamas were actually going to out to pasture and staying out for a little while.

Aurora, Maybeline and Odie

Pluto is so stinking cute.


Haley is doing well.  I am still just in amazement that she’s doing so well after that infection nearly killed her last spring.


Reva is nursing a sore foot.  I really think the copper has messed with their hooves.  Poor babies.


Cupid was using the remains of the Christmas tree to have a good scratch between the horns.


Hera is starting to look big.  She is due for spring break.


Astra and Perdita are really happy to be back together now that I’m done breeding.

Astra and Perdita

Perdita is really growing into a beautiful young doe.


My old Dolly girl is still doing really well.


Happy weekend!


24 Jan

When I came home from work on Tuesday after getting feed, the first thing I noticed was Maisie standing in the greenhouse pen.


That was not good.  That meant that everyone who was supposed to be in the greenhouse was out.


It took me a minute to find Freddie, and I had to quickly decide what to do with him because the frigid air was moving in, and it was not when I wanted to move anyone. And I have no idea who Freddie was fighting with through the fence (and breaking it open), but they were hitting heads hard enough that Freddie cracked his horn.

See that long vertical split in the horn?

I finally decided the safest thing would be to let Benji’s girls out.  Then I could put Freddie up with Benji.

Chiffon back with the main herd

But testosterone has not been good for Freddie.  He was not nice to Benji, and by the time I came home in the frigid temperatures on Wednesday, it was obvious I had to separate the two boys.

Freddie up north

Once again, I didn’t want to move anyone, but I decided the safest thing would be to leave Freddie up north by himself and put Benji in the Love Shack.

Antigone and Benji

This worked out quite nicely.  It took just a little bit for Benji to calm down and decide he could just be buds with Frodo and Lemuel.

Frodo, Lemuel and Benji

Flower and Antigone were not in heat so he didn’t care about them.  It actually worked quite well.  The extra body provided more heat.  I peeked in once to see Flower, Frodo, Lemuel and Benji all in a mosh pile to stay warm.

Antigone and Frodo in the Love Shack

Don’t get me wrong, I had to put a panel across the Love Shack door to keep Antigone from staying out in the -20°F windchills, but she didn’t get stuck anywhere and nobody was getting beaten on.