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Snowy Day

28 Dec

We’ve had light fluffy snow falling off and on all day.  Some goats thought it best to stay inside.

Maggie and Margarita

Others were peeking out of the barn door.


Then there’s those Kizzy descendants.  Blaze was checking things out.


Gidget was just going after more hay that had been covered by the snow.


Vinnie thinks she should move south for the winter.


Sky seems to have the best plan for cold, snowy days.

Sky and Noelle

He just wanted to stay in and cuddle with his kitten.

I kind of like the way that sounds.


Random Stuff and Updates

14 Dec

Obviously, we’re still waiting for crias.  I’m beginning to wonder if they’re ever going to have babies.


But they do seem content with just standing around and eating.


Snickers and Leo were enjoying a nap.

Snickers and Leo

I saw a random squirrel in the oak tree.

Margarita is doing quite well, and she and Maggie are bonding again now that Maggie knows her girl is truly weaned.

Margarita and Maggie

I’m looking forward to longer days soon.

Opening the Barnyard

27 Nov

I’ve had the goats shut off the back side of the barnyard and the Back Forty for a few weeks now because of the coyotes.  Part of that was putting a couple of small panels by the cattle tank so they couldn’t get through there.


While we were loading the cattle out, I had the goats shut out on the front pasture.  You’d think I was torturing them.  Seriously, Wanda.

Wanda and Ava

Now that the cows are gone, I’ve shut the lane so the goats can’t go out there, but they can go on the back side of the barnyard.

Maggie was the first to notice she could get over there.


All I can say is watch where you step or browse.  Eww…cow pies.