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Who’s Due

20 Apr

It’s just over a month until our last round of kidding for the year.  I’m trying to decide who’s bred and who isn’t.  I can tell for sure some of them are pregnant, but I won’t guarantee they all are yet.  Who’s due?








At least, this is who I’m going to say is bred until I get evidence to the contrary.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s list at the top of my side bar.

Our Final Queen Candidate

4 Feb

If you remember, we have several ladies trying to exert themselves as herd queen since Minnie Pearl is in the yard.  Our final candidate is Maggie.

 Maggie and Minnie Pearl

Maggie and Minnie Pearl

I was a little surprised at this one, but she is really tough when she fights with Minnie through the fence.


She’s not near as tough when she’s fighting someone on the same side of the fence.  Trust me, Betty Lou won this battle.


She’s sweet when she’s not fighting.

Chocolate is Killing Me

14 Aug

If you remember, some of my moms were struggling to feed their kids and take care of themselves and moms and kids were all run down.  Well, most of them are doing great.  I weaned as many as I could.  The kids in my yard are doing amazing! Vanilla was run down and skinny (because he escaped the first time or two that I weaned him) with pale eyes, but not anymore!



They are fat.



Their eye membranes are bright red.



Granted, Cutie can’t quite figure out how to get in the patio chair, but she’s doing well.



I cannot keep Chocolate weaned though.  He and his mom really need for that to happen.  Maggie’s fur is coarse, and her eyes membranes are pale (she was wormed).  I need her to dry up and put all her energy into herself.  Chocolate is thin.



His eyes are white.  Seriously.  My vets would recommend a transfusion if they saw him, but he’s been wormed and I did a fecal.  The problem is his poor diet.  He isn’t getting milk from his mom.  He’s not eating well.  He doesn’t go out to pasture enough.  What he eats in the barnyard isn’t good.  It wouldn’t do any long-term good to do a transfusion if we don’t change what’s causing the anemia in the first place.  I have weaned him more times than I can count, but it doesn’t last.

kid eating tree_4260ews

He jumps onto the tin siding, up onto the dog house, and then he goes up on the roof.  Then he can go over the peak and it’s an easy jump to the ground in the barnyard.  He got creative with this method after I plugged the other fence holes he had been going through.

kid on roof_4262ews

At least he was eating some nice oak leaves before going back in, but he really needs weaned.  He needs food.

kid on roof_4263ews

He’s killing me.  I don’t know what to do with him.