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Margarita is Home!

18 Oct

I got to bring Margarita home from the hospital tonight.  She’s still on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, but she is doing much better.

(Soon-to-be) Dr. Kelsey and Midnight Margarita

The car ride home tuckered her out, but I just left her eating some hay and nibbling on the bit of green stuff in the Love Shack pen.

showing off her injuries

I do have on good authority that it may be (soon-to-be) Dr. Kelsey who spoiled her.  Although I heard rumors of a whole group of vet med students scouring the grounds at the hospital looking for dandelion leaves to feed Miss Margarita.


At the Hospital

12 Oct

Just got back from taking Margarita to the hospital.  She’s going to spend the night and get some fluids and nutrition.  She’s also got a low grade fever, so they’re going to do blood work in the morning to see what will be the best course of treatment.

And since I haven’t had time to think of a picture, you get a random goats in pasture shot.


A Life Saver

20 Jul

When I went out this morning, Pixie had taken a turn for the worse.  I loaded her and Cinnamon up and went to Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Hospital.

Blood donor goat_2026ews

Cinnamon with her blood donor sticker.

Cinnamon gave blood, and Pixie had a transfusion.

blood donor goat_2032ews

Cinnamon is back home happily munching green stuff and resting.  Pixie is still in the hospital, but I expect a call this evening or first thing in the morning for me to bring her home.

I hate parasites.

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