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Rain and Shine

4 Apr

This week looks like a rather active weather week, with chances of rain most days.

The goose doesn’t care; she likes wet weather.

I am good with that because it is rain. Not snow.

Moose and Myson on the slightly muddy trail

We are still abnormally dry; I check the drought monitor every Thursday morning.

The goats in pasture

I am hoping the moisture this week will move us out of that category and back into where we should be.

After Moose and Myson made it into the pasture

The sunshine between showers is helping to turn thing green.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline on the bottom

I really hope this is finally the start of real spring.


4 Feb

More from my photography spree last weekend.


Joy and Zinnia are still giving me milk, but my freezer is full.  I keep thinking I need to stop, but I just can’t bring myself to quit milking.  They enjoy coming in for feed, and I like all that milk.


Sky was protecting the property from whomever was shooting.  He’s not afraid of gunfire, but he wants to try and scare it away.


Flora has been naughty lately; I had to give her a middle name so I could properly scold her.  She is now to be known as Flora Jean Goodberry.

Flora Jean Goodberry

I still haven’t decided for sure if Penelope is going to have spring break kids or not.  I’m really thinking not, but time will tell.


Maisie was so starved after she decided to have triplets her last year of having babies.  They just sucked the weight off of her.  Well, she’s found all that extra weight again.

When the weather was nice, the llamas were actually going to out to pasture and staying out for a little while.

Aurora, Maybeline and Odie

Pluto is so stinking cute.


Haley is doing well.  I am still just in amazement that she’s doing so well after that infection nearly killed her last spring.


Reva is nursing a sore foot.  I really think the copper has messed with their hooves.  Poor babies.


Cupid was using the remains of the Christmas tree to have a good scratch between the horns.


Hera is starting to look big.  She is due for spring break.


Astra and Perdita are really happy to be back together now that I’m done breeding.

Astra and Perdita

Perdita is really growing into a beautiful young doe.


My old Dolly girl is still doing really well.


Happy weekend!

Winter Chores

10 Jan

Winter chores take me quite a while to do.  I have to make sure everyone gets their grain.

Purl and Freddie

While I’m going in and out of the birds’ room where the grain is kept, I also feed the birds and gather the eggs.  A lot of them froze last week, but the warmer weather has let me gather them before they freeze.

Then I start haying the main group.


That’s a distraction so I can feed Aurora her extra feed.


Trust me, I have to guard her the whole time she’s eating.

Maisie coming to see if she can get the llama feed.

I also let Dolly in to eat every day.  Tansy usually goes in also.  On this day, my old lady Bambi demonstrated her still quick moves and snuck past me to get an extra snack of sweet feed.

Bambi and Tansy

I’ve also started letting Pretzel go in and eat in the middle of the barn while I feed hay.


I have to make sure that Perdita can find a place to eat, and under the picnic table seems to work well.


Every everyone has had grain and hay I still have to do water for everyone.

I’m so grateful for the hydrant and heated buckets.


I think everyone is hanging in right now.