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Farewell, Litha

15 Jun

Litha managed to do well over the winter. She kept her weight up and honestly did quite well.

Litha in her favorite spot; Aurora and Flora behind her in February

But this summer, her arthritis has steadily worsened, and she’s dropped a large amount of weight in the heat the last couple of weeks.  She just looked tired all the time.

She gave me the only set of quads born on the farm.

Litha resting by the ditch in May

She was a twin to my sweet Stormy.  They were the set of girls that made me decide I could keep both of them instead of my policy of only keeping one twin.  In short, those two are the ones who really paved my path of being addicted to goats.

Litha and Stormy in 2018

The only kid of hers that I kept was Reva.  It was time to say farewell to my beautiful, classy lady.

I will miss my girl.

We’re Ready

6 Jun

Friday evening, I decided I had to catch Joani and get her shut in.  I still have to work the first part of this week, and I need her shut someplace where my mom can check her.  She is not easy to catch when I need to do something to her (hooves or kids).


I do remember one year when I needed to get her in to help her kid and I had to chase her all over the barnyard and did ring-around-the picnic table before I could finally get her.  This time, despite having horrible hooves because I can’t catch the brat, I still had to chase her around the barnyard.  Finally, I got her trapped on the west side of the barn.  We did quite a few laps in there before she finally gave up.  Seriously. I’d have never caught her.  Something about being five months pregnant with sore feet wore her down though.  This time, I had another problem with trying to catch her…Cinnamon.


She was having a fit of jealousy, and I couldn’t move without Cinnamon cutting me off and getting between me and Joani.  Finally, I did catch Joani and drug her across the barnyard to the greenhouse, where I trimmed her hooves before letting her go.  Of course, I did have to pause and threaten Cinnamon while I was trimming because she was trying to fight through the fence. I completed trimming the hooves, fastened the gate, and she could finally pick a fight without it being a problem.

Now Joani gets to lounge in the greenhouse and be fed mulberry scrub brush and be treated like a queen.  And she lets me just walk up and start petting her now that she’s shut in.

She’d still prefer to be out in pasture, but that’s not happening until she has kids.

I did add Litha to my little group in the north paddock.  She’ll be thirteen in a couple of weeks, and the heat combined with her arthritis was not fun to try and keep up with the herd in the Back Forty.


I did have to scold her and Haley and tell them not to fight because why not?  One is thirteen and one has only three functioning legs, so why not fight.  It only took a couple of minutes for them to settle down and decide it was too much work to fight.


Everyone else figured out not to bother fighting.  Just eat and get ready for babies.


And I do think I got this all arranged with none too much time before we start kidding.  I don’t have a due date for Onyx, but I don’t think she can go much longer.


And Zinnia this morning is standing in the shelter I made away from everyone.


Look at how she’s dropped.  Her udder is tight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she had them before I go back to work in the morning.

Let the kidding begin!

A Good Long Weekend

1 Jun

I have to say, I was really ready for a long weekend, and our crazy weather was actually pretty nice.  I got to go spend time out in pasture with the goats.

I found them in pasture!

They alternate between browsing and resting.

Kids in the tall grass

I do have a hard time taking decent pictures though because the grass is quite tall in places.


Venus and Rajah

It can be hard to focus through the blowing grass.

Trying for Tansy, but the photobombing Nestle is in focus

And they are busy stuffing their faces.

Caroline (I seriously think she was chewing on a deer vertebrae) and Chunky

But sometimes, I can get a decent picture.

both old ladies: Litha and Dolly

Reva with maa, Litha, in back

Penelope and kids


Victoria and Dolly

It was quite nice even though it’s hard to take good pictures.