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Friday’s Hunt v2.24

9 Dec

Welcome back to Friday’s Hunt.  I want to thank everyone who joined in last week.  I had a lot of fun visiting everyone who linked up.  It’s very simple.  Anyone can participate.  The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to visit some of the other entries.

If you didn’t participate this week but would like to next week, the topics will be:  Starts with Y, Week’s Favorite, and festive.  I will always keep a list of the items for the coming week in my sidebar at the top. I am crazy busy with teaching and working on the farm right now, but I will make sure to visit all participants.  Without further ado, here’s my interpretations for the week.

Starts with X:  I can’t believe another week has been Xed off the calendar.  I am still busy with Xmas in the soap room.  (Notice cheating is acceptable with hard letters.)  I have been busy making candy and crafts.



Week’s Favorite:  I barely have time for photography, but I did manage to capture the goats in that lovely golden light.


Lights:  I look out my kitchen window after dark, and I see lights.  I love having the lights in the barn.  It lets me know the electricity is working and my heated bucket is working.  I did actually have the light go out once, and by the time I got there, I had a 16 gallon ice cube.  I always check my lights.


It also lets me easily check on my goats and critters at night to know they are safe.  It’s especially important to be able to see during kidding season.


Now it’s your turn!


Merry Christmas

24 Dec

To those of you who celebrate, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

From those of us in the house

as well as the barn.


I finally managed to decorate enough to try bokeh.

Linking to SOOC Sunday.

Random Thoughts and Shots

16 Dec

Let my light shine bright!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that all people are divine beings.

It’s even harder to remember that about yourself.  Don’t worry~nobody will snuff out my light!  Okay, the dust might pretty soon, but it’s a metaphor, and my internal light is shining brightly!


I have to say, our cloudy rainy weather and short days have me longing for the bright flowers of summer.  I love my little geranium that is now starting its third winter in the house.  It loves all the sunshine it gets from the kitchen windows.

I think I might have to give it some TLC (aka fresh dirt and fertilizer) in order for it to make it through this winter.


For some reason, I’ve had a hard time getting into the holiday season.  It might be partly due to the dreary weather, but it’s been a really rough year.  I think I need to get out my CD of Merry Christmas by Johnny Mathis.  This was always played when I was growing up, and it still means the beginning of the holiday season for me.

I think I need to turn off the bad news, put in the CD and bake some cookies.  Maybe that will help me get into the sprit of the season.  Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend.

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Linking to You Capture where this week’s theme is light.