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If You Break It

5 Jan

I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve had to tell Tiger, “If you break him, I’m not getting you another one.”

Tiger and Salem

He’s actually been really, really good; he’s just huge compared to Salem.

It’s hard to believe they are both kittens.

I have the feeling our new year is going to start out quite wild.

Here’s to a great 2022!

Happy New Year!  (This was the post I had planned for New Year’s Eve before I caught Rocky, and it just keeps getting pushed back.)

Merry Kittenmas!

24 Dec

Well, this happened.

Sky and Tiger checking out the kitten.

When I left for work Wednesday morning I felt horrible leaving Tiger in the house all alone since Rocky left.  When I got home, I messaged my neighbor down the road who had posted about kittens available for adoption.

He really makes Tiger (7 1/2 months) look big.

Besides, I can’t resist a black cat.

Meet Salem.

This is in no way to replace Rocky.  If Rocky comes home, hopefully, the two kittens will play and leave him alone.  In the meantime, Tiger will have company who wants to play.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a very Merry Kittenmas Christmas.

Fall Leaves

7 Sep

Fall. It’s that time of year when the kitten likes to play in the plant and cover my floor with bits of dead leaves (yes, I know the plant needs some serious care).


He even wore himself out playing so hard.

He just loves playing in the plant.  I finally decided to try and clean it up, so I made a big pile of leaves to pick up.  Tiger kind of looked like he couldn’t believe I put them all in a pile for him to play in.

I swear, between the kitten’s leaves and all the dog hair, my vacuum protested by overheating and demanding a rest.

Sky lounging by the last place I had to do when the vacuum overheated.

I think I need an industrial vacuum with these two.