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I Get My Kitchen Back

30 Mar

As much as I hate to say good-bye to the little kids, I had to get the two goats out of my kitchen.

Tiger Lily (back) and Spaz

It was a little overwhelming.


Tiger Lily

Sky thought it was frustrating too; although he was quite good.

They kids enjoyed bouncing and playing and they thought it was great.

But I need less work in my life, so they went to the sale this morning.  I imagine they will make someone a great 4-H project.

At least Sky helped with the pre-washing of the floor as I try to turn it back into a kitchen.

In the Kitchen

29 Jan

You might already know I have a chicken living in my kitchen if you’ve stopped in here in the last couple of weeks.  Honey’s gaining weight and the wattles she froze don’t seem to be bothering her now.

buff cochin on plant stand

In fact, she’s adjusted nicely, but she’s lost enough feathers (due to being in a warm kitchen?) that I don’t want to put her outside.  Until spring truly arrives, I’ll still have a chicken in the kitchen.

chicken on plant stand

Finally, I had to make more soap even if I did have a chicken running around. I’d run out of two varieties, and I am dangerously low on some others.  I shut Honey in the other half the kitchen, and made three batches of soap on my most recent cold day off work (Monday).

red wine, spellbound woods, and jasmine dreams

red wine, spellbound woods, and jasmine dreams

It worked well for me to have her over there, so I’ll have to try and make my other four batches this weekend.  I don’t think it would work as well to do it in the evening when she’s up roosting on her bucket in the middle of my work space.

goat milk soaps

In three weeks, my on-line market will be fully stocked again.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty of soap though since I now have forty-four varieties.

In related news, I was quite happy to find out that, even though the price of a stamp just went up, the flat rate package prices aren’t changing!

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