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More Babies!

14 Jun

Well, we’ve had our next set of June babies.  I had been checking Daisy and Margarita all night, and they both went out to pasture about 11:15 Sunday morning.  No big deal. I’d check them later.

Daisy a couple of days earlier

When I went out to check them, the first girls I saw were Perdita and Purl.

Purl and Perdita (notice Daisy below)

Of course, Daisy did it in typical Daisy fashion.  I could see she was very close to the big event and on the far side of the ditch in an awkward place.

I called the whole herd to come up to the barnyard.  Luckily, in a repeat of her 2020 kidding, she came with the herd and I caught her while she was trying to get some corn.

Maisie leading the herd.

I shut her in the greenhouse that had just had chickens removed (sorry, I’m out of order again), but it was really dirty.  I hated to put her in there, but I could not drag her all the way to the garage.  I went in the house to catch my breath and cool off a bit and went back to see if she’d had her baby.  Instead, I had flashbacks to her first year kidding (2018). She was standing on the workbench with the baby’s bag out.  I caught her by the horns and, dang, it was a horrible wrestling match, but I finally got her to jump down.  I was not about to let her go back up there and have to do that again.  I’d already sorta splashed all through the fresh bucket of water I’d put out for her, so I just tied her and pulled the baby out.  Now, I really didn’t want the baby on the dirty floor, so I caught her on me–yuck and slimy yuck.

And my shoe had just dried out from walking through wet grass.

I put her on a towel and then went for the fresh bedding.

Daisy and baby on the fresh bedding.

Other than a typical Daisy style, it was all good, and she truly has a beautiful girl.

Then, after I went in and de-slimed and got a drink, I remembered I hadn’t found Margarita before all the drama with Daisy.  So I went around the barnyard looking for her.  I couldn’t find her anywhere.  So I went out to pasture and brought her and her twins back up.

Margarita with her twins

She has a boy and a girl.

Way easier than Daisy.  When I went out a couple of hours later to see how everyone was doing, I noticed LilyAnn on the front hill by herself.


So I went to bring her and her babies back up to the barnyard as well.

There really are two babies with her.

She has two TINY girls.  They are doing well though.

That was enough for one day. The next morning, we were right back at it.  This time it was Ava, and I knew she was huge. I knew she was going to have triplets.  And she made me pull them.  It was like something was just blocking the way.  I did get the first two out, but the third one would not move forward, even with strong contractions.  I could find a foot and a face.  I finally pulled on the foot to bring the baby forward and find the second foot, but I lost the head.  I called the vet.  I don’t do head back pulls.  Once he got here and found the head again (seriously–I could. not. find. it.), it was an easy pull.

Ava with girl, girl, and headback boy

Ava has two girls and a boy.  That’s a lot of baby to come out of one goat.  And she is not supposed to have kids with wattles, but she has one girl with wattles and one girl with one wattle.

Girl 1 with two wattles

Girl 2 with 1 wattle.

Boy with no wattles

Weird.  But I don’t care as long as everyone is healthy.

Cutie’s Turn

7 Jun

After being up with Cutie on Friday night and Chiffon having kids, I really hoped Cutie would have her babies before I went to bed.


Alas, she was just showing signs of early labor.  That means I was up and checking her at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, and when I went out at 6:00, I found she had her baby.

He is one huge baby.

Both are doing well.

Only eleven more girls to go, but I should have a short break before the next one.

The Start of June Kidding

5 Jun

I have Margarita and Penelope with unknown due dates.  Cutie’s due date was June 3rd. After is Astra due on June 9th.  So I figured Cutie would be first, but you never know.


I’ve been checking all three girls.


June 3rd, Cutie was looking huge.  She wasn’t settled at bedtime, so I went out at midnight.  She had calmed down, but I went out at four am.


I’m getting too old for this.  I fell back asleep in the morning.  I did look out the window at Cutie a time or two, but nothing was going on.  When I went back out about ten, I found Chiffon and her babies.

Chiffon and kids

Chiffon was not due until the 12th.  I figured she would be early the way she looked, but she was just lying there when I did my before bed check, so I didn’t hunt her down in the middle of the night. Because they don’t usually have them a week or eight days early.

Her boy has grandma Cookie’s coloring.

Her girl has great-uncle Casey’s coloring.

Guess I should have.  They don’t look early at all.  I guess she’s just really efficient at making babies and doesn’t need the entire 150 days.

She has a boy and a girl and they are all doing well.