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2 Jul

I had to call my mom in to help me get the cherry jam made because I was busy kidding, but we managed to get it done and a batch of wild raspberry.  That’s a good start to the canning season.

cherry and raspberry jam

I planned to have a few potatoes in the garden, but I ended up with a ridiculous number of potato plants, so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the harvest.  I think I’m going to do homemade frozen french fries.


I tried it, and it turned out pretty darn good!

ready to eat

I should hopefully have enough to share with the rest of the family.

Now that I have the herd divided, I’m thinking I might need to move another milking doe over with the moms.  Joy is looking a bit run down raising her two big boys.

Joy and Olaf

I’m thinking she might appreciate coming over to join her maa,  Zinnia, and Grandmaa Haley and getting some TLC and sweet feed.


Here’s a random little rainbow after one of the pop-up showers last week.  We still need a lot more rain, but I am grateful for what we did get.

Trace came up from pasture the other day looking like she had a bit of an accident.


Pretty sure she took a roll in the ditch.

Pretzel is making friends with the other June kids.

Ivy (on the bench) and Pretzel

Here’s a random picture of Wanda.


Finally, another one of Pretzel.


She’s such a little cutie!

Too Busy to Blog

19 Sep

I can barely find time to squeeze in a blog post.  I haven’t hardly taken a picture in a month.  Today, I made a lot of candles (three chunk candles, four soy container candles, two sets of six votives, and eleven wax melts).  It doesn’t look like near as much when it’s all in one little place like that.


I also made a batch of jam and a batch of jelly.

jelly and jam_6425aw

As soon as I hit “publish,” I’m going to go make a batch of plum tea goat’s milk soap.

Two weeks from today will the the grand opening of my pumpkin patch!  Forgive me (and don’t worry) if I miss a day posting.  I’m just busy.

A Long Busy Weekend

7 Sep

I really enjoyed having a three day weekend.  It wasn’t really restful, but I got a lot done.  I canned red raspberry jam and tomato preserves for the pumpkin patch next month.


I also canned tomatoes and salsa for me.  I still have a lot more tomatoes ripening.


Bob made a trip to the vet’s office.  I was a bit worried about his eyes, but it’s just allergies.  I can relate.

orange cat_6201ew

Today, I made five kinds of soap.  I was running low on plain soap and oatmeal and honey.  I also tried new fragrances: vanilla oak, lavender, and heavenly honeysuckle.


The new ones will be ready just in time for my pumpkin patch too!  I also did a lot of cleaning on the building up north, but you don’t want to see that.  It was not pretty, but it’s getting better!