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A Fight

25 Oct

I couldn’t get Freddie sold this past weekend, so I very carefully and sneakily worked to get him put back on the front pasture with Xerxes and Frodo.

Frodo is my good boy.

I am pretty sure Perdita and Purl were quite happy to be back with the main herd.

Perdita back in pasture

Freddie and Xerxes had to fight.

Freddie and Xerxes

I did keep an eye on them to make sure it wasn’t too serious.  After all, they do like each other, but they just have to fight when you put them back together, and with bucks in rut it isn’t always good natured.

Freddie is a mess between rut and cockle burrs

I can take care of the boys in there without me having to get too close to Freddie.  He’ll be okay in there.

Then I’m going to try to make an arrangement to use a trailer to haul the rest of the goats to be sold to the sale barn at one time.


I just have to wait for Mini to be past the withdrawal time for her wormer.

Benji and Myson

And poor Benji is just going to have to stay in the greenhouse jail until then.


24 Oct

This year was hard to decide who was in heat and getting bred because I was working and sleeping and the majority of the goats were out on pasture with Benji, and I just didn’t see them.

Benji eating out in pasture with the girls

Right after separating the goats from their breeding groups, I started having flashbacks.  The day Benji was out I saw a couple of girls in heat. The next day, when I finally had him contained, I came out to find Antigone in heat.

Antigone by Xerxes

That evening, both Joy and Ava came into heat.  I started thinking about last year when I only ended up with six girls settling for spring break.


Just like last year, it got to the point that every time I stepped outside for the next three or so days, someone else was coming into heat.

Venus and Wanda hanging out by the bucks (Freddie in back; Xerxes by the fence)

Both the girls I had given shots to so they would hopefully get bred for spring break, and those who I hadn’t put with a boy.

Caroline by Xerxes

I swear to you, I have seventeen girls who came into heat between Oct. 19 – 21.  Wanda is the only one who is for certain retired.

Daisy by Freddie (Pretzel’s ear because she was also in heat)

I am not happy with this situation.  I don’t want another year of lots of difficulties with June kids/moms. I swear, after the last three weeks, I’m just ready to get out of the goat business.

Oh, Benji

22 Oct

Breeding for spring break is a whirlwind.  I put them together for just a few days and then I pull them back out because I want to make sure they have their babies on my spring break.  I separated the boys and girls on Monday.

Freddie and Purl

I put Benji and Frodo on the front pasture and figured I’d just open the gate to let Xerxes join them after I got done milking my girls.  But when I went out to milk, Benji was chasing Cutie across the barnyard.  Cutie had not even been with a buck because she had bottle jaw just a month or so ago. I also knew Zinnia had been in heat also.


I caught Benji and put him in the pen with Xerxes.  I figured I’d put the three boys in there for a few days and let all the hormones settle down.


Well, when I came back home from work on Tuesday, Frodo was my only good boy.  Xerxes had gotten onto the front pasture, which was no big deal.

My good Frodo boy

But Frodo was back out with the rest of the herd.  This time I’m pretty sure he bred LilyAnn.  If you remember, LilyAnn was not in with a buck because she had just recovered from copper issues.  Dang.


I can’t keep a buck that I can’t keep in.  For now he’s shut in the greenhouse.


He’s not happy about it, but I can’t have him jumping fences (remember the deer who got her foot stuck).

It breaks my heart, but I’m going to have to sell him.  Dang.  I planned on keeping him for his whole life, and I adore him.

And he’s nice.  Dang Benji.