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Garden Snax

13 Jul

I was really happy with how my garden looked.

I still am.

I even got my first zucchini harvested.  But someone stepped on one and broke a piece off.  It seems to be recovering nicely.

Then I came up to water it, and noticed that someone has been snacking on my green beans and sweet potatoes.

I decided to set up the trail camera and see who was thought my sweet potatoes were just right.  I went up late in the afternoon and set it.  The next morning, when I got it, I had 597 picture on it.  About 500 of them were of my beans blowing in the breeze.

A couple were in the night when the tomato blew in front of it.

I’m not sure what set it off for this one.

I never did catch the culprit, and I forgot to set it the next night, but they did come back and work on eating the other plant.  It’s not looking good for my sweet potatoes.


Some of the Goats

5 Jul

The kids are growing quickly.  My March kids will hopefully start getting sold this weekend.  It’s going to take me several trips.


I’d like to keep a couple of the girls to see if I can settle them down enough to work with them and keep them.  I’m hoping they have higher copper levels since their moms had copper when they were bred, and it certainly did not go to help the moms.


All the June kids are also doing well.


Vinnie is struggling to feed her two also, so I’m starting to give them bottles too.

Vinnie and Vulcan (Venus behind her brother)

Joy is one I’d like to keep, but this little miss sassy pants is naughty.  I can’t catch her, but if she’s nursing her mom, and I manage to start scratching her backside, she just loves it!


Aphrodite’s little button is still just as cute as her name!


I can’t believe how quickly they grow up.

Trouble Makers

27 Jun

Those March babies are getting big.

Gouda is a monster.

They are getting as big as my yearling girls.

Left front to back: Trooper, Bandit, Wendy and Cupid, a yearling, on the right

They are also trouble makers!

Hera fighting with little brother Lewis

The other day when I went to get hay for Vinnie, I saw someone had made a mess of my bale.  But who?  Well, I got my answer yesterday when I went in the barn…



Here he is later coming up to say he’s not sorry for messing it up and napping on it and eating it.

I really do need to start selling the March kids.

Lewis, Trooper, Bandit, and Peter Pan (with Betty Lou in the back)

I’ll have to make several trips with so many of them, but I think I’ll start with the big trouble makers.