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The Rest of the Story

11 Apr

Well, once I had the goats out of the bean field and everyone together in the barnyard, I started cleaning up my messes.  I remembered I had Flower and Coral in the garage, so I opened it so they could at least go back in the small buck pen.

Coral and Flower in the pen; Freddie outside

I had to get my grain pitcher that I had left with the bucks. Then I decided I needed to scoop enough of the hay in the garage to close the door between the garage and the buck room.

When I got that done, I grabbed my camera to go back to the house and sit down for a few minutes. Instead I walked out the milk room door and saw that I had forgotten to use the chain on the chicken pen door.

Bambi coming out (Notice the goofy peacock is still just dancing happily)

Moose!  Brat.

Moose and Haley

I got everyone chased out of there and counted the hens.  I had all eleven of them and the peacock where they belonged.

But my goose was out in the barnyard.  Well, she was the least of my worries at that time.

I fastened the door properly and then went to the house to rest.  But I had no sooner gotten inside and called my mom to tell her what brats the goats were than I looked out the window and saw 2TC.


Why?  She’s never been stuck. The bucket of water has been there for weeks.  Seriously.  I swear.  All this chaos also messed with my plan of getting the moms back in the herd while they are out in pasture because it makes them less likely to fight with each other.

Antigone and Perdita

Luckily, there were just a couple of spats, which is always a concern when I return goats to the main herd.

Tommy watching his mom, Athena, and Astra fighting

Anyhow, all the goats were hanging out and I couldn’t finish doing what I needed to do, so I really did get to take a break.

Cupid feeding Brigit and Ostara

Xerxes and Freddie on the hill

Tommy and Claire

a whole lane full of goats


Hilda and Shellie

And the goats were pretty content to chill in the barnyard.

Reuniting the Herd

10 Apr

As soon as I had the bucks happily on the front pasture, I started moving the moms into the barnyard from the garage.  Antigone was first.

Antigone wanting to come back in and eat more; Spunky in the bucket; Spuds watching.

Then I started bringing the other moms through the soap room into the milk room.  While they were in there, I trimmed their hooves.  Then they were put out into the barnyard.

Hera eating while I trim hooves

I had to catch kids and put them through too. Finally, I did the last of the moms, and everyone but Coral and Flower were in the barnyard. Some of the moms had started out to pasture with some of the kids; some were still in the barnyard; everyone was mixed up.  I decided to get them all to go out to pasture.

Bubbles; Antigone with her kids

Athena and her kids; Hilda

The stumps are too much for the kids to resist

As soon as we got out there, Odie decided to check the new little ones out.

Odie checking them out

I do keep an eye on her. She can be a bit of a meany.

Sniffing Bull

Then we paraded out past the other two llamas.

Maybeline and Aurora

On to find the herd. It was me leading the moms, the kids, and the llamas.

Aurora, Antigone and kids, Maybeline and Odie

By the time we rounded the corner, I was getting a little concerned that we hadn’t seen another goat, but I figured they were just in the corner.  Then I spotted them.  Do we see anything wrong with this picture?

Over half of them were out in the bean field.  I do love that goats will usually come when you call.  They did, but I couldn’t just open the gate for them because the llamas would just be off to do whatever they wanted and would not listen to me.  The goats were also pretty sure that there is no way they could fit through that tiny space. It’s not like that’s how they got out into the field.  Brats.

Anyhow, we all ended up by the barnyard.  Some on the right side; some on the wrong side.

And the dang llamas followed, so I couldn’t just open the big panel and let the goats back in.

So I set the food pans out and called to everyone to get them back on the other side of the barnyard.

Then I put my panel back across the door.

Venus was disappointed she couldn’t get back to the other side

Then I got a little more corn and called to the goats who were out in the field.  That was all it took.

It didn’t take them long to figure out that it wasn’t a real feeding and Pluto was disappointed that I had closed the panel again.

Pluto disappointed he can’t get back out

Everyone was back together.  And that should be the end of the story…

Saturday’s Plans

9 Apr

After a cold rainy, snowy end to the work week, I was happy to see things clearing out Friday evening because I had big plans for Saturday.

Antigone and her babies enjoying the sun that finally came out.

Frodo, Lemuel and Benji having hay for supper before getting moved (and sold) in the morning

Remember, I have to get everything moved around in order to get Aphrodite shut in for her oopsie baby coming next week.  So bright and early I got up and chased Lemuel around for a bit.  He actually wasn’t too horribly difficult to catch.  He’s small enough I could get him loaded myself.

Good-bye Lemuel

By the time I got back from taking him to the sale barn, the goats had all gone out to pasture.  Unfortunately, the llamas had just come back up to the barnyard.

Maybeline in front of the boys in the Love Shack

Aurora staring in the milk room because that’s where the food is.

I decided to go ahead and trim Benji and Frodo’s hooves to see if the llamas would go back to the other side of the barnyard at least.

Frodo is so sweet (if trying to eat my fingers is sweet)

They didn’t, so I just filled a pitcher of llama food and led them over.  Let me tell you, it is dangerous walking across the barnyard with Odie and Aurora in there.  They get way too pushy for food.  I’m not sure if Odie spit at me or Aurora, but it was tense.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

Anyhow, I got them to the other side and put my panel across the barn door so they had to stay there.

I forgot my pitcher in my haste to get the door shut.

By this time, Xerxes and Freddie came to see what all the ruckus was about.  But I wasn’t quite ready to get them on the front pasture.

Xerxes and Freddie up north

I had to move the moms and kids first.  I took a pitcher of sweet feed and stood at the door of the buck room and called to them.

They came on the run.

They are so easy to get in because they love their food.

I am so ready to have my garage back.

While they were eating, I shut the gate so they couldn’t go back out on the front pasture.  They could only have the little pen right on the side of the garage.

Antigone wondering what’s going on

Next, I opened the gate to the front pasture and got my little pitcher of sweet feed to reward the bucks for coming with me.  I had the food pans set out and it was ready.

Then it was time to bring the bucks down.  I opened the Love Shack gate and let Benji and Frodo out. They are young and inexperienced, so they just kind of hovered and wondered what the heck was going on.

Benji and Frodo

I opened the gate up north and called to Xerxes and Freddie (they had wandered back over to the old garden area.  They are smart and know that when I call, they will get a reward (aka food).

Freddie and Xerxes

We went across the barnyard with them following almost on top of me.  They didn’t hesitate to go right where they belong.  And I gave them some of the sweet feed.

Meanwhile, Frodo and Benji were still clueless.  Benji was just kind of wandering.  Frodo decided to see if the pitcher that had llama food would taste as good as it smelled.


I went and shook the rest of the pitcher of food in front of them, and then they figured it out.  We headed back to the front pasture and they got a treat too.

All four bucks were moved and Lemuel is off the farm.  Easy peasy.

Benji and Frodo in front; Freddie and Xerxes behind

Now I just had to move the girls and get the herd back together again.